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Large Vehicles

I hate other people driving them.

Usually it was just large trucks due to a seriously scary accident I was in, when I was about 14.
However after this last week, it is buses too.

Can you imagine driving along the freeway behind a bus, when two of it’s tyres burst, and the bus immediately slows down but starts skidding and swerving everywhere? Yup. Not cool. Luckily I managed to swerve out of it’s way and miss it.

Then this morning, I’m going the speed limit of 70 along a two lane road. I’m in the right lane, and out of nowhere a school bus crosses into my lane from the right, going at about 10/20 km per hour. Not only did I have to slam on brakes, watch my laptop go flying off my passenger seat, but have to swerve into the left lane, hoping there wasn’t cars there. About 20 seconds later, the bus without indicating, changes into my lane, cutting me off AGAIN.

I had to then slam on brakes once again, and swop back into the right lane. They managed a sheepish little sorry wave.
But seriously, school children were on that bus. How the hell did they get their F class and bus job?