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Love Everyday

This year, whilst being involved in the Skate 4 Cancer skate across Australia tour, I met the very amazing Mike Mendes.

He really hardly ever sleeps, although when I first arrived to meet my new van mates, Mike was in fact asleep. It was a rare occassion indeed.

Love Everyday is a not for profit organisation which Mendes established two years ago.
‘Love Everyday’ aims to increase awareness about poverty and under privileged people in our communities

He does this through non-profit art workshops as well as educational talks & discussions for schools and youth groups.
All the money made through Love Everyday goes right to the people on the streets of the city that they are currently located for purchasing things like clothing, blankets & food.

“I can’t sleep so I draw, paint, tattoo and wander the planet instead. Love everyday ” Mike Mendes

Check out his facebook page here


The Tough Guy Award

So some of you would know that I’ve been managing the Wasps Premier Alliance Men’s hockey team for 2010.
We have our brownlows coming up, and one of the awards is the Tough Guy Award.

Basically in one of our matches, there was a stick check between one of our players BJ2 and a Melville defender.
Basically it ended up in the Melville’s players stick snapping in two on impacts with BJ2’s stick, and both pieces went soaring through the air at head height through the Wasps attacking circle, one half narrowly missing our own wing, Scoobs’ head. It actually skimmed the top of him.

We had to hear from weeks on end from Scoobs who narrowly missed death.
Two weeks later, we had a match at the same venue, and we found one of the pieces of the destructed stick lying on the side of the field.

Now this was a very expensive and impressive stick.
So we kept this half as a reminder, and I have been asked to mount it as a trophy to be awarded to BJ2 for his destructive efforts.

Here is my masterpiece

PS. The inside of composite hockey sticks are REALLY FREAKING cool!!

Good Quality Shit

Like actual bag of shit!

Some people will do anything to make a name for themselves..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

, vodpod

Unwanted Attention

It’s so frustrating when some males just won’t leave you alone.
This one even has a girlfriend.. and still wants a date!

He woke me at 3:30am…
then sent me about ten messages between 4 and 6am..

These were the last ones which he sent me, and I had about 6 missed calls too, and a voicemail or two.



Where I work, they like to give edible treats to people who have done things above and beyond the normal call of duty.
In the last two days, I have received 5 presents…

All of it chocolate. All of it dairy chocolate.

You’d think after working here for 4 years, everyone would pay attention and remember that I’m a Vegan and such presents are actually a slap in the face to me.


No longer the pink axe

I’ve replaced it with something of a powder blue nature.

Gryphon Taboo Dekoda – retails for $450..
With signaures from 4 of the Aussies who took home the Championship Trophy.

Can’t wait to play it on the turf.


I did a photoshoot a well back with three mates I go surfing with.
We donned some ball gowns, and hit the beach.
Here is some of the final photos…