Many many years ago, on this precise date, at exactly 10:30pm WAST, and 4:30pm in my city of origin, I was born.

Last night I went out with a few friends and hit the town.
It started off with a bbq, The Impregnator making Mojitos, most people trying to avoid drinking the carton of Export that a certain someone had brought, and everyone trying to avoid being captured in “natural” shots by our local paparazzi.

We then packed into vehicles and entered TIGER RRrrrrrrrILLS
Usually the music is decent.
It was decidedly terrible – borderling drum and bass.
There was a bongo player, who may have spotted me imitating him.
This resulting in me having to get up on the stage and drum.
At first I pretended that I was a clueless girl, and had no idea what to do, then I ripped it to shreds and he hastily shooed me off, before I outshone him.

I got prank phone called by some clearly bored friends in Melbourne… Thanks Stu!
Ate a very messy kebab, and crashed at a friend, as I didn’t have my car with me.

All in all a decent and pretty low key night.


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