The Beginning

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I haven’t got any recent photos of me, that aren’t already on here, so this one will have to do, plus this guy is a legend!

15 Interesting Facts, let’s just be honest here, by the time you finish reading them, you’ll be ready for bed.

1. I don’t like drinking water, unless I’m extremely thirsty and it’s the only thing around, or if I’m playing sports.
I’d pick sparkling water over regular water any day, and dear Mr Bartender, it’s different from soda water!

2. My favourite vegetable is the potato, closely followed by the sweet potato.

3. I don’t like getting wet. I have to get my head in gear before taking the plunge. Once I’m in, I’m fine and happy and can stay in for hours.

4. I love the heat. I grew up in a country where it is 55 degrees celcius for 3 months of the year with 100% humidity.

5. Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of salmon coloured clothing, with is funny, because a lot of people think my name is pronounced Salmon.

6. I’m more of a crisp person than I am a chocolate person.

7. The reason why my best friend and I became friends in the first place was all because of a single song. A Weezer song, which was covered by Further Seems Forever… Anyone know their music?

8. Since I was so involved with my sport and had too many comittments and they didn’t have the special development programs that they have now, I nearly flunked out of school. Through a very hard decision, I managed to turn it around through moving to another country, and now I’m a high school teacher. Go figure.

9. I used to be able to speak 7 languages in varying degrees. However I’m terrible at 6 of them now due to no-one speaking them and me not being able to practice and have conversation in them.

10. I used to be obsessed with Schna naa, and my parents had no idea what it was, then one day I went mental pointing at the tv. It turns out that Schna naa was in fact the Pinocchio tv series in Afrikaans.

11. On the 9th of November, so in a few days, I will finally be eligible to apply for my Australian Citizenship.

12. I broke my first bone at the age of two, going over a tiny ramp off the verandah on my tricycle.

13. I’ve never been allowed to vote in any country that I have lived in, and I’ve lived on three seperate continents.

14. I seem to have way too many close calls with snakes, and sharks. That’s not even normal! I’m completely not a fan of this fact.

15. I honestly never thought my brother would get married before me, but it’s pretty much going to happy unless I shotgun it before the end of April. Yeah right!


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