Previous Pets

A long time ago, we were living in South Africa and had two dogs. We had Shandy, who was mine and was a Siberian Husky x Labrador and then we had Jess, a German Shepherd.

Now our family decided to have Jess have puppies, and my brother was super excited about it, however just before we were about to breed her, Jess got an infection in her ovary, and had to have them removed, or else she would have died.

My brother was distought about not getting puppies, so my parents went and got little Baxter, also a German Shepherd.
oor Baxter however had a digestive problem and a skin problem. Translated this means that he was super skinny and couldn’t put on weight and was always scratching and rubbing away his skin.

We were so worried about him and had to get him special food, tablets and bath him in this special tea tree shampoo and conditioner every week. Eventually he started coming right, and then we got relocated to Qatar, and couldn’t take any of our dogs with us. Shandy when to the vet’s mom, Jess went to a friend and Baxter went to my brother’s best friend.

A year after we left, my folks went back for a holiday and stopped in to see little baxter, who is now big Baxter and has come right, bulked up and isn’t allergic anymore.


I really missed having pets when I moved to Australia however we were renting, so we were not allowed any, so we got rats as they were easy to hide. We had Betty and Chosen One (both girls, named after the men in Kung Pow) – “But isn’t Betty a girl’s name?”


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