I always suspected I had a unique relationship with my physio, but today it was confirmed.

I’m going to Japan mid Feb, he’s going to Mexico and Las Vegas with friends near the end of Feb and has asked if I want to meet up and travel with…

Kinda cool… but totally won’t be able to squeeze it in with work. 😦

Today when taping my shoulder up, he got some of my hair stuck in there… before i could even try and get it out.. “Snip SNIP snip”, he chopped it off (he threatened to cut some of my hair off on Monday, because I have more than him and he’s jealous) and was like… heh heh… told you I’d cut your hair..

Funny guy…
He then called me goth because i was wearing black and white, and not my usual bright colours to match my “bubbly” personality…

Revenge I must plot.. ha ha..


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