I finally did it

I gave blood.

To all the haters out there who think because I’m a Vegan, that I’m weak, and have to be low on iron because I don’t take supplements.

You’re wrong. My levels were perfect and they want my blood.

So after so many attempts, I’ve finally been able to give the gift straight from the heart.

You should too.


2 responses to this post.

  1. sjoe, well done you! i’ve only given blood once, when i was 16 and the nurse was such a butcher that i ended up with a bruise the length of my arm. add to that a pathological fear of needles and i’ve never gone back.

    people who think all vegans are skinny and aenemic really need to get over themselves! really? that’s just daft. one of my friends is gluten intolerant and vegan and he’s healthier than i am!!

  2. yeah, not a fan of needles either!

    ha ha… people are so full of misconceptions.. it’s like they’re living in a bubble of ignorance.

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