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Not the surf trip I wanted

I wrote this below in the notes app on my phone as it was all happening.
The scenario. A bunch of us were going down and all staying in one big house in Gracetown to go surfing all weekend. I was going to be arriving on Friday night by myself.

Can’t find the house for an hour. Walking up and down a road in the middle of nowhere in the cold in pitch black with only the faint light on my phone trying to find the house I’m supposed to be staying in.
Contemplate sleeping in my car
Contemplate turning around and driving the 3.5 hours back home.
There’s no reception so I can’t even call for directions. I’m about to go home when I spot the house I’m supposed to be staying in. A house has never looked so warm.

Find out that the guy who was supposed to be courting me  not only has been ignoring me, but in that time he’d gotten himself a girlfriend and hadn’t told me.
He still hasn’t told me. It took them one accidental walk in the park for them to date.
He strung me along for over a year. But apparently has “communication” problems where he can’t convey his feelings. So how did he manage so well with her?
I feel angry, upset and betrayed.
My faith in men has been significantly destroyed.
Then this morning some more Surfers arrive. Two guys I had never met. The group got split and I wound up walking to the beach with one of the guys in his late thirties.. He took me the longest way possible to the surf spot up a huge hill and it sucked so hard, especially carrying a surf board the whole time. I’ve now known this guy an hour and a half and he’s asking me out. What the?
Apparently I’m the nicest person he’s met in very long time. He’s recently divorced, very overweight, a bit creepy and with a baby..
I turned him down nicely of course.
Then we get to the spot and there are so many rocks and the waves are big. Too big for me and my surf board. He reckons I can hack it.
Out we go. I tell him I know my own ability and it’s a dangerous spot in general. He laughs at me, says I am over reacting, reconfirms that he’s a surf instructor and will look out for me and to stop being silly.
Some nasty sets come in, catch us offguard.
I was right. This is bad!
I attempt to miss his flying board and try and dive under the wave and avoid the rocks. I feel shooting pain in my foot. There’s blood everywhere.
My foots been sliced by the fins of one of his board.
I signal to go in.. So many rocks. My foot is completely out of action. Did I mention we watched shark week last night?
He yells at me to try and walk it in. I can’t stand on my foot.
I try and ride in as much as I can and weave in between the rocks.
I get pretty far but then there’s too many.
I have to walk it in now.
I can’t stand on my injured foot and the next set wipes me off my foot.
I’m like a rag doll on those rocks. I must have hit at least 30 of them with all parts of my body.
I try to protect my face and succeed. It takes me about fifteen minutes to get back onto the shore.
I’m bleeding from both legs and both hands are sliced open more than 5 times each. More blood.
Now for the fun walk back.

So now ive bailed on the all the men.
I just drove 40 km to a vegan hippie organic cafe and I’m sitting here alone listening to reggae and eating the most amazing lentil and portobello burger.

At least there’s one positive to my weekend so far

Oh and i can say

I’ve surfed Thunder Bay and I’ve got the battle scars to prove it.


Large Vehicles

I hate other people driving them.

Usually it was just large trucks due to a seriously scary accident I was in, when I was about 14.
However after this last week, it is buses too.

Can you imagine driving along the freeway behind a bus, when two of it’s tyres burst, and the bus immediately slows down but starts skidding and swerving everywhere? Yup. Not cool. Luckily I managed to swerve out of it’s way and miss it.

Then this morning, I’m going the speed limit of 70 along a two lane road. I’m in the right lane, and out of nowhere a school bus crosses into my lane from the right, going at about 10/20 km per hour. Not only did I have to slam on brakes, watch my laptop go flying off my passenger seat, but have to swerve into the left lane, hoping there wasn’t cars there. About 20 seconds later, the bus without indicating, changes into my lane, cutting me off AGAIN.

I had to then slam on brakes once again, and swop back into the right lane. They managed a sheepish little sorry wave.
But seriously, school children were on that bus. How the hell did they get their F class and bus job?

Close to Home

A motorcyclist had to swerve to avoid a car this morning, on the road I live just off, and ending up hitting a metal pole.
He was rushed to hospital with severe chest injuries, and lost the fight for his life shortly after.
The road was closed off, and getting to work was near impossible.

Another fatality. How many more?

Tell your loved ones how much you love them… You never know when they’ll be gone.

Traffic Stopper

After 7 weeks of injury and a couple of weeks living in a van, tonight I managed to take B and go for my first run in a very very long time. My fitness has pretty much disappeared, and i’ve lost my all my tone.

I only attempted the 3km, and I think I pulled it off alright. It nearly ended badly though, there was a seedy tradie in his ute, and he decided to try and check me and my dog out, and wasn’t paying attention, and the car in front of him had stopped and was waiting to turn. Said tradie, then glanced up, slammed on brakes, skidding and narrowly missed the car in front.

What a punish. As if I’m attractive when I’m running.
I have training tomorrow. This season is going to be so strange, only 3 of us from last year managed to keep our spots, everyone else got dropped. I knew this year was going to be competitive, but wow. I missed the opening match of the season last weekend, so I have to make a good impression on the new coach.

First World Pressures..

In other news, I’m investigating in getting another dog, so B has company whilst I’m at work. I’m trying to decide on what type of breed to get. Been lurking some shelter websites, and there are so many dogs needing a home.

I wish I could take them all home.

This doesn’t look good friends..

As opposed to being some 50kms past Renmark, we are now in Northern Adelaide due to horrible unforeseen circumstances.

It appears that hit and runs still occur on Australia’s roads, and today we were victim of this.

This is what was released today…

I know many of you are wondering why there is an extra blog this week. I wish it was to post better news, but I still wouldn’t call it bad news, especially considering what happened. Allow me to explain.

Sometime during the mid-morning of Wednesday, April 14th, while skating the tail end of the 150km uninhabited stretch of highway A20, Rob was side-swiped by a car. It appears that while driving the long, straight stretch of barren highway, someone lost focus, or control, or both, and swerved into the bike lane, knocking Rob off his board. By the time we got to him with the van, he was standing, which was a really good sign. Once we had him in the van, it was clear to see there were no immediate or life-threatening injuries. Luckily, it was the side of the car that knocked Rob, not a direct hit, which could have been much worse. The only damaging injury that seems to have resulted from the accident is a pulled groin.

We’ve made our way to Adelaide to get Rob checked out at a hospital, since he is having a fair bit of trouble walking and the pain seems fairly intense. We’re keeping our fingers crossed it’s not anything worse, but for the time being I think it is safe to say there won’t be any skating for a little while.

Considering the speeds involved in the accident, and the narrow margin by which a direct hit was avoided, a pulled groin isn’t what I would call bad news. In fact, looking at what went down, I think Rob is a pretty lucky guy right now. But he doesn’t feel that way, and frustration and disappointment on his face is clear to see. He wants to be skating, not icing a strained muscle.

Over the next few days we will be visiting the hospital and Doctors to try to get a sense of what the exact injury is and how long Rob will be out of commission. In the time being, keep checking the blog, and keep sharing the Drop-In Center video. We’ve cleared 10,000 views in 3 days, which is a truly amazing thing. I know watching those hits go up gives Rob a real boost, so there is nothing better anyone can do for him right now than to keep pushing that video.

Jamie + The S4C Team

This is an entry about skateboarding.

On saturday night, I nearly killed a skateboarder.
Thinking back, I still don’t know I missed him.

It was dark, about ten o clock in the evening, and I was driving 70km down the road, as this was the speed limit.
I was approaching the traffic light which was green, and was the only car going in through this particular intersection.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a skateboarder, decides to run the red light from the other way and crosses directly in front my my car.

I knew that brakes would not save him, so my first instinct was to sweve. I literally missed this idiot by centimetres, and the middle island traffic light by about a meter.

If I had hit him, he would have died, if I had hit the traffic light, I would probably be severely hurt and my poor car Trevor would be lost to me.

Seriously, when did skaters these days become so stupid. Honestly, what the HELL was he thinking.

Now, I’m not having a go at skateboarding at all. I love it, and up until that fateful night a few years ago, I skated myself. I kinda wish I still did – but I have to mentally get over everything that happened the night that my uncle died.

My skateboard

This was the last board I ever rode, and I haven’t stood on it since. This is the board that I fractured my bones on. This is the board that reminds me of my deceased uncle, and being in an emotional black hole.
This board still sits in my room, waiting for my return one day.

I’ve since been given another one, from an old Newcastle friend – to try and start afresh – but I have yet to equip it with some much needed pieces.

If you have ever seen my left shoulder, and wondered why there was a skeleton skateboarder grinding a tomb stone on my back, you now know that this is a reminder about the night I gave up skateboarding, broke some bones and that I lost one of my family members to suicide.

Currently listening to Weaver at the loom


A terrible thing happened last night.

I was driving to a friends, it was overcast, and night time and the streets were pretty dark. I was on the road of the house I was visiting when out of nowhere, a small black object runs in front of my car.
I stop right there, run out, and there is this little dog who I have just brutally hit.

Dogs are my favourite animals in the world. I love animals – I would never hurt them.

The poor thing was whining really loudly and I could see he was in a lot of pain.
I’m patting the dog, trying to keep it calm and find a tag.

Boykie. He lives one house down from where I knocked him over.
I then made one of the hardest phone calls I have ever had to make.

Sorry, I ran over your dog.

I scooped the little thing in my arms, ignoring the blood and reunited Boykie with his owners, a South African family, I knew it would be – from the dogs name.

He’s an old dog and was in really bad shape. They were going to rush him straight to the vet.
They were supernice and told me, it’s normal for him to escape the house and run out into the street.
They didn’t blame me.

I still feel so shit.

I don’t know he’s going to make it.
All of last night and still again this morning, his vision, his whimpers, his eyes, they all haunt me.

I can’t believe I ran over a dog.