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So all i needed was some bribes?

You may have known or not that my parents have arrived for their annual family holiday with the kids..
the kids being my brother and myself, and annual.. well.. every Christmas we make an effort to come together, mostly either in Australia or in Qatar, although sometimes we venture to other continents.

They arrived on the 15th of November and leave on the 30th December.
Now I though that they wouldn’t be coming this time because my brother gets married in April and they are coming over for that.
HOWEVER my parents are relishing in the idea of TWO trips to Australia.

Lots of family time.

Now since we have just emerged out of winter, the garden had a much larger proportion of weeds than it normally does, and well to put it nicely, dad is a garden fanatic.

I spent the last three weekends prior to them arriving doing gardening.
I even held a GARDENING PARTY with some friends. We all had a good laugh at Fez who misread the invite and thought he was coming to a GARDEN Party, and came with his girlfriend in their Saturday best.

Here is something that sums up a little about growing up in Africa and my weed problems..


Eh.. More Snakes..

Sorry to Chantelle, and others who are afraid of these creations.

I posted one of those YAHOO questions the other day, to see if the internet could help me identity a snake I nearly stepped on as a 8 year old child.

It was a sunny day, my brother, my father and I were going for a casual stroll in the nature reserve which was pretty much adjacent to our property. I was happily walking and day dreaming, and looking at the clouds and the trees, when my dad urgently urged me to freeze, on the spot and not step down.

Trusting my father word for word, I froze with my skinny white leg still hovering in mid air, confused at his sudden outburst.. that is until I looked down.

Sunning itself on the path directly under my foot, was this pure white snake, as thick as dad’s biceps.
This image has haunted me for ages, purely because I never knew what type it was.

Now after some 18 years, scary I know and complimenst of Yahoo Answers, I finally know what snake I nearly stepped on as a child. It was this fellow here.

Leucistic Ball Python

Leucistic Ball Python

Ps. There will be no more snake pictures for a while, so those who are fearful can continue to visit again soon with anxiety.

Room with a View

I remember this one house I grew up in, in Southern Africa. It was in a town located in Zulu land. I lived in this town for probably about 12 years of my childhood. We had a beautiful garden. I used to love going outside playing in the garden where we had an array of different types of fruits growing. Grapes, lemons, bananas, oranges, tomatoes to name a few. 

Every morning, however I used to open up my bedroom curtains with great caution. Our garden, you see attracted a multitude of wildlife. The most common being this guy right here.

The Green Mamba

The Green Mamba

His favourite place was to lie on my window most mornings. I knew it wasn’t the same one, because my father on quite a few occasions, through the use of his garden spade, ensured that a good few would never come back and visit.

I was always weary to open up my curtains, in case I might have one of these bad boys staring back at me. I suppose you’d have to expect things like this in Africa. I had a couple of close calls, thankfully never being bitten though, despite the amount of time we used to spend in the tree house that we built from scratch in the back of the yard.

I suppose I am thankful it’s larger relative the black mamba only visited our home on a few occassions. He is just a tad more aggressive, and a lot harder to run away from.