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Will the drama never stop?

So my festive season aka Christmas was pretty much ruined again by misfortune with health in the 09.
As if glandular fever/swine flu/pneumonia wasn’s bad enough, I had to get rushed to emergency this week.

The pain I felt was excruciating. The cause, I still do not know, even after spending three days in hospital.

Yesterday was the worst.
I got transferred from Armadale hospital to fremantle hospital because i needed to urgently see a surgeon.
9 hours later – I still had not seen one. It was only midnight last night, that I got to see one.
apparently i’d been classified as a pediatric patient.
How exactly am I a child?

Before all the tests, I was suspected to have one of the following.
Kidney Stones
Ovarian Cyst

After the tests and analysis I was still suspected to have appendicitis or a ruptured follicle (in the ovary).
After having 7 surgeons visit, the cause was still unknown.

They were going to operate to determine the cause, but luckily they have allowed me home, so I currently post this from the comfort of my own bed.

God, I hate hospitals.

If the pain continues or gets worse, guess who’s getting an emergency operation?