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It’s been a long eight year journey but finally I am getting my Australian Citizenship on such a cliche day..

26 January 2011

Australia Day


It’s going to be a mad rush getting a passport straight after that, as I leave for my stint in Japan about two weeks later. Exciting Stuff..

It Finally Ends…

I will miss that bright red caterpillar..

You can still sponsor him(my bro) here

So all i needed was some bribes?

You may have known or not that my parents have arrived for their annual family holiday with the kids..
the kids being my brother and myself, and annual.. well.. every Christmas we make an effort to come together, mostly either in Australia or in Qatar, although sometimes we venture to other continents.

They arrived on the 15th of November and leave on the 30th December.
Now I though that they wouldn’t be coming this time because my brother gets married in April and they are coming over for that.
HOWEVER my parents are relishing in the idea of TWO trips to Australia.

Lots of family time.

Now since we have just emerged out of winter, the garden had a much larger proportion of weeds than it normally does, and well to put it nicely, dad is a garden fanatic.

I spent the last three weekends prior to them arriving doing gardening.
I even held a GARDENING PARTY with some friends. We all had a good laugh at Fez who misread the invite and thought he was coming to a GARDEN Party, and came with his girlfriend in their Saturday best.

Here is something that sums up a little about growing up in Africa and my weed problems..

G’day MATE!

Day 12- How you found out about blogs and why you made one

The internet?? I’m a bit of a nerd.
This is actually my third blog? One is well and truly gone and the second is still fluttering around on the information highway.
I’ve had a pretty interesting life, and my blog was a way of keeping family and friends around the world up to date on my progress when I first ventured to the continent of Australia.

I couldn’t pick just one..

heh heh heh

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

The core ones who have been my Australian family. Love you!

Wish you were here…

Love Everyday

This year, whilst being involved in the Skate 4 Cancer skate across Australia tour, I met the very amazing Mike Mendes.

He really hardly ever sleeps, although when I first arrived to meet my new van mates, Mike was in fact asleep. It was a rare occassion indeed.

Love Everyday is a not for profit organisation which Mendes established two years ago.
‘Love Everyday’ aims to increase awareness about poverty and under privileged people in our communities

He does this through non-profit art workshops as well as educational talks & discussions for schools and youth groups.
All the money made through Love Everyday goes right to the people on the streets of the city that they are currently located for purchasing things like clothing, blankets & food.

“I can’t sleep so I draw, paint, tattoo and wander the planet instead. Love everyday ” Mike Mendes

Check out his facebook page here