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Out of the blue

Random acts of romantic behaviour that caught me off guard and made me smile.


Banksy Love card and a card to indicate our first date



Vegan Red wine and some sweet smelling flowers

Who would have thought that nice romantic guys still exist?



Good Cinema

“I used to encourage everyone to make art,” says Banksy. “I don’t really do that anymore.”

I very enjoyable documentary, which was both informative, interesting and humorous.
Even better, I got to see it in a small dingy cinema with a good friend who I hardly ever get to see.

I highly recommend this.


Worth it.

A lot of people give me crap for being a teacher. Especially considering my qualifications and past job offers. 

The one thing I really love about it, is the relationships.
No boys, I’m not talking about dating my students…  because that’s gross and severely desperate.

I love the fact that I am there to help nurture and grow a whole bunch of people, and that I can be a part of something great and see how some amazing young people grow from a little 11 year old to a full grown adult, chasing their dreams, and making a difference.I guess I’m not your typical teacher in that I see my students out of school at lot. At the skatepark, at hardcore shows, I take the girls ball dress shopping, surfing trips etc. I’m so glad that I can genuinely be involved and enjoy every minute of it along the way. 

I have a massive Banksy Beggar poster in the back of my classroom, I love to inspire. I love to challenge. I love the friendships I make along the way.

The best part is catching up with ex students a bit further on, as friends, seeing how they are doing, life in general. It’s such a fulfilling part of the job.

I have some serious ex student hangouts planned soon. Frankly between you and me, I can’t wait.