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He’s a someone!!

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Can I be lame and say Benny?

Seriously though, he has the best life.
He gets all his meals made for him, all his drinks poured for him and has to do no work or worry about money.
He gets to sleep as much as he wants, gets to go for daily walks, get’s played with and visit the park every day too.

He gets given special treats, has a super comfy bed, has his hair brushed for him daily and gets hour long massages..

Not to mention is loved my many.

Not a bad life in my eyes…


I’m not a morning person

but this little guy makes me smile.

Pity he is currently shedding, and everything in my house is fluffy.. and in less than a week, he can present 60 poohs for me to pick up. No wonder my back is sore.

My Favourite Little Not Human

He’s actually pretty huge.

Roadtrips with Benny

Winter Warmer

My Lil Man

This is the one soul who I spend most of my time with.

Buzz got adopted.

Had a family come round today, to have a look at him.

Let him off the leash in the park outside our front door, the two small girls got to play ball and pet him.
Two cats came, a puppy and a large dog, and Buzz didn’t even flinch!

Such a good dog.

Such a shame, he didn’t get along with Benny.
I’m so glad I managed to find him an amazing home.

A very excited little nine year old boy is going to freak when he sees Buzz as his birthday resent tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, the effect of Buzz’s absence was instant, and Benny is back to his usual happy and affectionate self again.

I love my boy.

Traffic Stopper

After 7 weeks of injury and a couple of weeks living in a van, tonight I managed to take B and go for my first run in a very very long time. My fitness has pretty much disappeared, and i’ve lost my all my tone.

I only attempted the 3km, and I think I pulled it off alright. It nearly ended badly though, there was a seedy tradie in his ute, and he decided to try and check me and my dog out, and wasn’t paying attention, and the car in front of him had stopped and was waiting to turn. Said tradie, then glanced up, slammed on brakes, skidding and narrowly missed the car in front.

What a punish. As if I’m attractive when I’m running.
I have training tomorrow. This season is going to be so strange, only 3 of us from last year managed to keep our spots, everyone else got dropped. I knew this year was going to be competitive, but wow. I missed the opening match of the season last weekend, so I have to make a good impression on the new coach.

First World Pressures..

In other news, I’m investigating in getting another dog, so B has company whilst I’m at work. I’m trying to decide on what type of breed to get. Been lurking some shelter websites, and there are so many dogs needing a home.

I wish I could take them all home.


After a couple of weeks on the road, I got to see my darling again. It was ridiculous how much I missed him.
I had left him like this…

We stayed at this house with some rad dudes in Adelaide, and they had a puppy of their own who was a complete ruler, it just made me miss mine even more.

I picked him up from my mates house up in the hills, where he had been frolicking with German Shepherd Liebe.
He was super excited to see me, as me for him.

Here’s some prime moments from tonight..