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I need a new ride

I am currently bikeless.

Pretty devastated about it.


with my baby. I got my bike back.

Sometimes I wish…

That I didn’t know so many people.

Then I wouldn’t be expected to go to so many birthday parties and gatherings every night.
I’d much rather ride my bike through the streets and along the river late at night.

Serenity has captured my heart.

Oh no.

My fixie is gone.

Stealing is a bitch.

Now it’s back to my old crappy bike.
I’ve got too many trips to save up for, so I doubt I can get a new one soon.


Beautiful hot day, windows down, cruising along the coast with the sounds of Down to Nothing, Go It Alone, The Descendants and The Casualties hitting my eardrums, I feel invincible.

 The ocean always knocks me back to my senses. 
First wave I tried to catch totally smashed the hell out of me.

The Mossy brothers both start packing it and once again, the story had to be retold once again.
It was near the end of last year, Carpathian were touring Perth and it was the beginning of summer. They played an 18+ set at Amplifier on the Friday night and were due for an All Ages set,  in Australind (2 hours South of Perth) at 1pm the next day.

So as soon as we had finished packing up the gig on Friday, and grabbed all of our stuff for the next day it was about 1:30am and we were set for South. The plan was Mr Annihilate Music himself, the notorious Vagina Mouth, Stubbsy and myself piled into a car with a change of clothes, and our surfing gear into a car which I would start driving straight away down to Margaret River – where the waves are good.

With three sleeping people in the car, and a Set Your Goals album on repeat, I drove all through the night trying not to nod off, arriving at a neat surf spot with the crew just as the sun was rising.

VM, Mossy and I paddled out whilst Stubbsy slept for a few hours on the beach.
Waves were about 4 feet high and typically me, every now and then I daydream and forget to pay attention to the waves. There was a particularly large wave that I didn’t see coming, until the boys yelled at me. I was sitting on the lip in a very dangerous position and immediately a look of fear swamped my face – and provided many laughs for the boys.

I should have bailed on the wave, but I decided to go for it, and proceeded to freefall the entire wave, landing it somehow at the bottom and riding it for a bit before getting totally smashed.

It seems every single time I go out these days, the boys always have to relive that wave. 
What an epic wave it was.

We surfed till about 11:30 before driving north to Australind, having a quick shower at the venue and pretty much getting out, in time for Carpathian to arrive to start doing sound check while we set up the merch and the door.


Today was fun. I caught a good few decent waves, and proved I am more than just a bag of laughs on my board. I discovered I have lost a lot of weight and my bathers and boardies are too big, so pretty much during every wave I was in danger of losing all of my clothing. Must go shopping. 

Mossy’s towel got stolen, thankfully the idiot who took it, left his car keys. I couldn’t find my stuff for ages – it turned out some guys decided to camp around it – seeing it belonged to a girl and were hoping to try their luck. FAIL.

Went for a really long twilight bike ride to buy some cellotape to wrap a birthday present, and wow – here I am. Not quite ready to have to go back to work tomorrow. 

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Worn Out

8 Cycle Shops
5 Hours of Driving
1 Felafal Kebab

and still no new fixed gear bike for me.

 Turns out only two shops in Perth are any good with exactly what I want. Since the economic crisis is freaking so many people out, the US has postponed shipping of the model bike I want to Perth for a while. So it could be at least a month’s wait. 

So i went back to a different store for my second choice, only to miss closing time by 5 minutes. The sly things never told me they close at 3. So maybe on Monday, I will have a new baby.


Here is hoping.
I’ll have to ride my old bike till then.

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It does pay off.
Currently expecting two lomo cameras and an additional lens from the states, which I got for a awesome price.

Just got a sick blow up pool for my backyard which is going to be so sweet for the hot summer months.

Have finally decided exactly what bike I want to get to replace my old one. I’m going to go see if the shop I can get 20% discount at, has the frame design I want, so I can install a flip flop hub and have a sweet new fixed gear and single speed bike.

Found out that the surf should be really good this weekend, so I’m looking forward to getting my board out and having a sweet sesh, plus it’s going to be very warm. Might even go cliff jumping.

And lastly after looking at a zillion sites, I found a good deal which saves me almost 900 bucks on flights between Australia and Qatar, and it looks like I will still be able to see Gorilla Biscuits.

Siked. Life is Good. And thank goodness it’s the weekend.

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