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Happy Birthday B

We celebrated at a local wine and tapa joint.. Was an enjoyable evening and ended up costing us a whopping 75 dollars each.
Her family was away, so we made sure that we made her feel special..

I love my hockey girls…

In other news, I’ve been commissioned into training some of the junior girls wasps teams at their turf training at the stadium. Should be fun – here’s hoping I learn their names pretty good.


Best Friends, Birthdays and High Heels

Hit Box Deli for Dinner (and for most, cocktails) and the Subiaco Hotel for Dancing, Chatting, Avoiding Sleazy Guys and Listening to the Coverband, whose mixing definitely could have been better.

Designated Driver at your service once again.
I actually enjoy partying sober continually and watching tipsy friends and the things they do.
It also allows me to step in and intervene to make sure nothing stupid happens.

 This is the birthday girl and the newly turned 22 year old.


The Best Friend

The Best Friend



These are the other best friends and myself.


We were definitely the hottest table at the club restaurant. Having them accidently garnish my meal with parmesan before bringing it out, saw me having the biggest serving at the table when the new meal arrived. I think they felt guilty. The perks to being Vegan.


Table of Attractiveness

Table of Attractiveness




Lots of driving, lots of avoiding slipping on wooden floors in stillettos and running away from men declaring their drunken love for us, saw me having one of the highlights of every evening: getting home, taking off the high heels, walking barefoot across the cold floor and wearing no bra – being free and unrestricted.

I love my friends. I love how we are different. 
I love how they are so beautiful inside. 
I love how they are family, when I am so far from home.



Bathroom Shot

Bathroom Shot


Got to watch the rugby (see tv in background). My team thrashed the Lions.

Got to watch the rugby (see tv in background). My team thrashed the Lions.


Educators of the Next Generation. Are you scared?

Educators of the Next Generation. Are you scared?

One of my students who graduated last year.

One of my students who graduated last year.


Mind Blank

Shopping for a best friend has got to be one of the biggest challenges ever.

Let’s hope I don’t fail this one.

Made one or two purchases today, got another one tomorrow. Hope the weather will be as beautiful as it was today. I got to wear a summer dress 🙂 

On Saturday night I will be designated driver for the lucky birthday girl. It’s going to be a great night, we are all dressing formal. I can’t wait.


Friends First…

Don’t you hate those people who bitch??
Who spread rumours??
Who think they are better than everyone else?
Who are trying to climb socially to the top of “the scene”
Who hold grudges for absolutely no reason??

Yeah.. me… and a lot of other people

Especially when they turn up to my brother’s birthday uninvited by myself and him.
None of us like these girls.
They’re swine. Lowlife citizens.

And yet the group of 5 still arrived.
Initially I was furious that they had come..
Images of them ruining the entire night flashed immediately into my mind.

But you know what??
We had fun… they were the outsiders…
Out of the 100 odd people there… they associated with maybe ten…

It’s about time… these girls get what’s coming to them.

Liam’s 21st Beerday

At the Belgian Beer Cafe. Massive bar tab. The night was huge and rowdy.. and finished kinda early.
Started at 6:30. By 9 everyone was pretty much wasted.

By 10:30 I think practically all the girls had spewed.

By 11:30 we were crashing at Jess and Leons. Had to share a futon with Liam for the night.

Got woken up by a massively energetic boxer puppy at 7:30am.

We watched cricket. Listened to the boys jam and ate hashbrowns.

Brendan went back to Adelaide one day too early I reckon.