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I finally did it

I gave blood.

To all the haters out there who think because I’m a Vegan, that I’m weak, and have to be low on iron because I don’t take supplements.

You’re wrong. My levels were perfect and they want my blood.

So after so many attempts, I’ve finally been able to give the gift straight from the heart.

You should too.


I love it..

When you’re out in the surf, and you’ve just caught an amazingly big wave, and you’re riding it, and some inexperienced surfer loses their board and it smacks you smartly across the back of the head.

Not only do you have to worry about the huge waves, and the possibility that you might be concussed, you also don’t realise that you’re pouring out blood like there’s no tomorrow, and probably attracting every shark within a 20km radius.

I still have the scab, and it just started bleeding again.
Good thing I have a lot of hair right?


So many people who are very dear to me, work in hospitals.

My brother, my best friend, a good friend and a special friend.

There’s a radiographer, a nurse, a male nurse and a doctor.

Can you imagine how many gross hospital stories I get to hear on a weekly basis?
Did I mention I get easily grossed out by such stories. ha ha
(my friends, they either forget or do it on purpose)

They are all so passionate about what they do, and get excited telling me about them all, that despite being grossed, I love hearing what they have to say.

Call me weird. or. Don’t call me at all.

One of them, a good friend who is the male nurse, even documents his adventures in video format. Here is a taster.

ps. He is very charismatic 🙂

Meet Joel.

If you’re reading this man, ALIAS marathon ASAP please!


A terrible thing happened last night.

I was driving to a friends, it was overcast, and night time and the streets were pretty dark. I was on the road of the house I was visiting when out of nowhere, a small black object runs in front of my car.
I stop right there, run out, and there is this little dog who I have just brutally hit.

Dogs are my favourite animals in the world. I love animals – I would never hurt them.

The poor thing was whining really loudly and I could see he was in a lot of pain.
I’m patting the dog, trying to keep it calm and find a tag.

Boykie. He lives one house down from where I knocked him over.
I then made one of the hardest phone calls I have ever had to make.

Sorry, I ran over your dog.

I scooped the little thing in my arms, ignoring the blood and reunited Boykie with his owners, a South African family, I knew it would be – from the dogs name.

He’s an old dog and was in really bad shape. They were going to rush him straight to the vet.
They were supernice and told me, it’s normal for him to escape the house and run out into the street.
They didn’t blame me.

I still feel so shit.

I don’t know he’s going to make it.
All of last night and still again this morning, his vision, his whimpers, his eyes, they all haunt me.

I can’t believe I ran over a dog.

All things unlucky.

It’s not like I am clumsy.
I am actually pretty coordinated. I’m good with my hands, and playing sports etc.

Bad and unlucky things just seem to happen to me. I think the fact that I have broken 15 bones so far is great proof of that.

Take last night for instance.

It was a simple activity. I needed to get a brand new cable out of it’s packaging. So I grabbed the scissors, and proceeded to start cutting the clear plastic that it came in (think the same kind of packaging for batteries).

The scissors decide to snap on me (how does that even happen), and the result is me cutting my finger open. The entire handle of the scissors snapped in half.

Seth’s comment was “Oh no, how are you going to play for the Wasps tomorrow night? We’re all coming to watch”

With my finger bandaged up, and my broken toe, and my recovering knee. That’s how!


So last night I went and played hockey. We had our club playing, and decided to join up forces and mix our team with another club which was all very quick skilled Bangladeshi and Indian and Sri Lankans.

There were only 3 of us females playing, and it was going to be a tough match. I was having a ball of a time, and I was actually pretty decent considering I haven’t played in years until the incident happened. One of the girls was a 15 year old girl and she was on the opposing team. One of our defenders, 6ft Englishman who hadn’t played in 6 years and even then only played with rugby players, decided to swing his stick wildly and connected with the bridge of this young girls nose.

So much blood. So my dad, my bro and I quickly patched her up and got her sorted out.
Afterwards we were jokingly argueing as to who was the most qualified to have done so.

Greg who is freshly graduated as a Radiographer but does not have his first aid certificate.
My dad who used to do first age and stitch up people back in the day on ships but does not have his first aid..
Me who has a current first aid qualification and Bronze Medallion and Open Sea Rescue.

We all thought it was ourselves.
We dropped the girl off at home – as the parents didn’t want us taking her to hospital to get stitches. She needed around 4.

Did the check up call today. They aren’t taking her in, the poor girl is going to have a massive scar now for the rest of her life.

Poor thing.