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CSWA Girls Fundraiser

I got asked to do the graphics for this event.

It’s a movie screening night.

You’re more than welcome to attend. Let me know what you think about the job I did!


Not just boys fun

So we had another long weekend surf trip, and I again plucked some groms from my school and carted them along for the ride.

Destination: Horrocks – 6 hours north.
Wave Forecast : 4m Swell.
Weather : Darn nice.

The only problem is, we left on Friday and Saturday night I had a hockey match.
So most of saturday for me was spent on the highway, 12 long hours…

The hockey match was tight, and closely matched.
At half time it was still nil-nil.
15 minutes in, they scored the first goal of the match in an unlucky short corner.
A good ten minutes later we managed to equalise, with a great goal.
Two minutes later, with some exceptional running, we went up by a goal.
There was 2 minutes left of the match, and due to a bad call we had a short corner awarded against us.
Unfortunately they managed to convert this to a goal, making the score 2 all with just over minute remaining.
We managed to get into their circle, and with 7 seconds remaining, missed their goals by about a cm.

So depressing, as we should have won.

Back to surfing…
Sunday arvo, myself and two of the other female leaders, Bri and Liss decided to take all the younger girls out, for a sesh with no boys.
This was the first time I’ve actually only gone out with girls.

It’s certainly very different. For one, there’s a lot more screaming (okay, so the groms we had were inexperienced and didn’t like big waves). Liss and I were out the back catching the huge waves, and it was so funny watching the waves hit these girls closer to the shore (and a lot smaller) and seeing 6 boards go flying in the air as they all get wiped out).

I caught this one wave, and was riding it, and all of a sudden I got hit in the back of the head by a surfboard.

Afterwards we found a road side shower, and found some shampoon and conditioner in one of the cars and 8 of us girls all jumped into the shower at once.

To say we stopped traffic was an understatement. ha ha. Even the cops came by to see what was up.
Good times girls, good times.

Their antics shock me!

Oh the Pain

So lately I have been giving my body a bit of a thrashing..
I’ve been following quite a decent fitness routine on a daily basis, and it’s also a good way to exercise my dog, who is very energetic and can run for hours or so it seems.

Then hockey preseason started, which means on top of my daily routine, I now have a hard session of distance running, and suicides (gross) with body weight exercises i between them.

My body was sore and exhausted the day after, and it just so happened to be the day I was to renew my bronze medallion, aquatic rescue qualification and life savers.

Time span 8:30am to 5pm.

It involved lap swimming, resuscitation, searching underwater, all the different grips, all the surivival strokes, and THEN all the ocean rescues, as well as a run/swim/run in a certain amount of time.

For the ocean rescues I got put in a group of guys, as it was based on height – all the guys were taller than me, and they all work out and were SOLID!
My poor little arms and body.

So now I finally get home from an exhausting day, and my best friend messages me and asks me to meet her at the beach for some swimming.
I couldn’t say no to hang out with her, but oh man.. was I hurting.

THEN the next day, I have to move classrooms.
Desks, cupboards, bookcases, technical equipment etc etc…

You’d think since it’s friday I’ll now get to relax and recover?
Guess who is going on a weekend surfing trip down south?

Healthy body aches in the oh ten.