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I love it..

When you’re out in the surf, and you’ve just caught an amazingly big wave, and you’re riding it, and some inexperienced surfer loses their board and it smacks you smartly across the back of the head.

Not only do you have to worry about the huge waves, and the possibility that you might be concussed, you also don’t realise that you’re pouring out blood like there’s no tomorrow, and probably attracting every shark within a 20km radius.

I still have the scab, and it just started bleeding again.
Good thing I have a lot of hair right?


Not just boys fun

So we had another long weekend surf trip, and I again plucked some groms from my school and carted them along for the ride.

Destination: Horrocks – 6 hours north.
Wave Forecast : 4m Swell.
Weather : Darn nice.

The only problem is, we left on Friday and Saturday night I had a hockey match.
So most of saturday for me was spent on the highway, 12 long hours…

The hockey match was tight, and closely matched.
At half time it was still nil-nil.
15 minutes in, they scored the first goal of the match in an unlucky short corner.
A good ten minutes later we managed to equalise, with a great goal.
Two minutes later, with some exceptional running, we went up by a goal.
There was 2 minutes left of the match, and due to a bad call we had a short corner awarded against us.
Unfortunately they managed to convert this to a goal, making the score 2 all with just over minute remaining.
We managed to get into their circle, and with 7 seconds remaining, missed their goals by about a cm.

So depressing, as we should have won.

Back to surfing…
Sunday arvo, myself and two of the other female leaders, Bri and Liss decided to take all the younger girls out, for a sesh with no boys.
This was the first time I’ve actually only gone out with girls.

It’s certainly very different. For one, there’s a lot more screaming (okay, so the groms we had were inexperienced and didn’t like big waves). Liss and I were out the back catching the huge waves, and it was so funny watching the waves hit these girls closer to the shore (and a lot smaller) and seeing 6 boards go flying in the air as they all get wiped out).

I caught this one wave, and was riding it, and all of a sudden I got hit in the back of the head by a surfboard.

Afterwards we found a road side shower, and found some shampoon and conditioner in one of the cars and 8 of us girls all jumped into the shower at once.

To say we stopped traffic was an understatement. ha ha. Even the cops came by to see what was up.
Good times girls, good times.

Their antics shock me!


Australia’s Deadliest Wave.

It’s possibly the World’s Deadliest too. My crazy friend has surfed it and survived. You’ll never catch me attempting it.

Here are some of the reasons.

Once the lip hits the water, it explodes like TNT
It is pretty much only a bodyboarding wave, although surfers can tow in, but it is risky, but has been done before in billabong odyssey.
Surfers can’t wear a leash because if they wipe out they will get dragged across the reef and will be in big trouble.
If you wipe out here it is extremely dangerous.
The reef is super shallow!
It looks like it will be a 3-4 foot wave, and jacks up to 10 feet.
There is no hospital for a 2 hr boat trip then 5 hr car drive.
Also massive 8 metre+ great white sharks are in these deep waters and many lives have been lost in shark attacks off this coast.
If you get cut up out here you are extremely lucky to not attract sharks.
This wave has broken backs/necks/sliced skin and more on the reef…

Cyclops is the most hyped and least surfed wave in the world.
It’s extremely heavy with massive amounts of water unloading on shallow reef.

To get here..
You have to take a day trip from Esperance, and get out there by boat.
Esperance is 7 hours drive from Perth.

Rewind, Repeat

My mate Shane took some video’s whilst we were up in Gero.
I took the liberty of putting some of them together, to share some of the moments of the camp.
Unfortunately I had very little to work with, and that this was filmed on the day with the smallest waves.

Oh well.


Bits n Bobs from Regionals

Click to Enlarge.

There goes your Credibility man..

If you knew how much crap this guy gives me for bodyboarding and not surfing (well I do sometimes), you’d realise how happy this photo makes me.

Are you serious?

Never again can he give me hassle.
We also caught it on video.

Sorry Nathan, Gero did not infact win the Softboard challenge. That title went to Scarborough.


Here we held our first annual softboard championship.

Teams were held according to clubs and each team had to consist of 6 members for the event.
Boards allowed were mini mals, soft surf boards and body boards only.

The rules.

Each team is given one brightly coloured rashie which is differently from every other team.
Each team member has 3 minutes to catch one wave and ONE wave only.
They will be judged on style, eg.. handstands on board, the crab, other acrobatics etc…
They then return to shore, give rashie to next team mate, along with board, who then proceeds to catch their one wave.

No handstand, no score...

Each team member’s score is added to produce a final team score The club with the highest score wins.

Congratulations to Team Scarbs for taking home the title.

Some much needed shelter at the Softboard Challenge. Front right.