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S4C Drop In Center

For every 100 views, this video gets, C1rca will donate $1 towards establishing a Skate 4 Cancer Drop In Center..
We already have over 5000 views…

In other news, the locust infestation is ridiculous.

We are surrounded by thousands of them every moment of the day. They are swarming into us.
The front of the van is completely drenched in bug juice.

Thank goodness we installed netting in our van, so we can still have the door open for some fresh air.
The nights have suddenly gotten colder, and I’ve got the worst flu.

Hating not being in a warm bed, whilst I feel like death.

Hoping to get to Adelaide on Friday, and maybe hit up the Ruiner/Hopeless Show.

We have a LOT of km’s to cover before then.

I will be using this number this week 0457 028 550, whilst on the road..
Feel free to send us nice messages.

Much love.

Skate 4 Cancer Aus

So I’m currently one of a three man team, also consisting of Mr Rob Dyer (Founder of Skate 4 Cancer) and Mr Jamie McMahon (Founder of a New Beat) and we are the Skate 4 Cancer team making the trek from Melbourne to Adelaide.

I flew into Melbourne around about 1am on Friday and Borgs luckily picked me up and drove me to meet up with my family for the next few weeks. By 11am we were well on our way towards retrieving my lost sleeping bag, before continuing to Shepparton which is where Rob was to proceed skating.

Basically what Skate 4 Cancer does is skateboard across countries, raising awareness about cancer.
The Cure is Knowledge.

Skating around an average of about 40km (due to heat/flies/lack of shoulders on the roads and heavy traffic), we are plodding along nicely and steadily.

We all have our little roles on the trip.
My main one is driving the van aka our home – which amazingly was donated by Element Skateboards. Minor roles include being able to know the location and find any given object at any time, making cd playlists, and improving the suitability of the van against the onslaught of THE OUTBACK. Everything DIY from mozzie netting all major doorways as well as creating more storage space.

Rob’s is to skate, to motivate kids around the world, and to be the symbol of courage and hope for many.

Jamie is magic with a computer and is the brains behind all of the videos. He’s a film director by occupation, so you know you’re getting good quality value. He’s an avid coffee maker and a logical thinker.

Together we live, travel, eat and sleep in our van, and we are loving every minute of it.
The masses of flies who keep on trying to intrude and live with us, should just bzzzz off.

This is the first time I have had reception in days, so don’t expect many updates on here from me.
You can however follow our journey via a new weekly video released every Sunday on Youtube, or by our weekly blog released every Wednesday.

Here is last week’s video.

Stay Safe.
Much love


Rewind, Repeat

My mate Shane took some video’s whilst we were up in Gero.
I took the liberty of putting some of them together, to share some of the moments of the camp.
Unfortunately I had very little to work with, and that this was filmed on the day with the smallest waves.

Oh well.


Mick Fanning

So we were down south in Margs for a surfing trip. Nice big group of us, ranging from beginner to pretty darn decent, stand up and bodyboarders..
Our trip coincided with Taj’s Small Fries Comp at Inji. Sucked partly, because there was triple over head there, and we weren’t able to surf it.
Got to watch some fairly talented groms though.

I pretty much caught most of my waves at Smiths that weekend. Other spots we sussed and surfed was Supertubes, 3 bears, Inji (but the trips were gone), rabbits and we checked out Lighthouse.

So for the first sesh, I went out with some of the girls (beginner standups), i took my mini mal, as well as my board of choice, an old eighties morey mach 4.

The waves were so suited for me, rather than them, and I was in my element.
Not one of the girls caught any waves, whereas I was literally paddling out, catching one, paddling out etc etc..

Anyways, hunger struck, and we headed into town.
Now the whole time 2 girls in particular were trying to meet Mick Fanning, and get a photo with him, so they did what any sensible person would do, was periodically check his twitter. Turns out the day they were trying to meet him, was the day he didn’t tweet.

I thought this was hilarious, so when the two girls went out, my friend and I were discussing this obsession and were laughing about it. We were standing in an empty parking space, attempting to cross the road, but saw a 4wd approaching, so we stayed where we were.

Turns out the driver wanted our spot, and failed to indicate, and literally nearlly ran us over.
We had to jump out the way. We quickly crossed the road and looked back to see who it was.

Mick Fanning.
No joke.

To say our two friends, didn’t believe us, until we had gotten comfirmation from the regional director, would have been an understatement.

But Jess and I found him!

That particular day was amazing.
Headed out with the boys in the arvo so I could hit some bigger waves, and Falcon and I both managed to score sneaky barrels. Sneaky, because 99.8% of the waves weren’t barreling.
Best feeling.

Great day.

Just annoyed that I got cleaned up on a huge wave in the middle of a big set, that my leash came off, and my board pierced me up and under my rib and in my ovary (which I had just gotten out of hospital for, two weeks prior).

Can’t wait for the next surf trip.

Heading to Gero to hit some reefies in 2 weekends time 🙂
Hopefully I’ll chuck some groms in the back of my 4wd and we’ll have a grand ol time!

Exmouth Adventure

This is a video Pocket made of our trip to Exmouth.

Just a very small look into some of the stuff we got up to.
I swear half the good stuff wasn’t caught on film!

Ps. Check out my first bogging in my new car.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Campsite 3

We resided at Yardie Homestead for the remainder of the trip.
Princess informed us there would be lots of hot kite surfers staying at the camp site, and there were indeed lots of kite surfers staying there, but they were all middle aged and certainly not attractive in that sense. Disappointing.

Pocket however had an admirer. They connected over both having visited an obscure aboriginal town somewhere in the northern territory. He was in his early thirties, and poor pocket is a mere 19.
Safe to say, we made fun of her and her beau the whole trip.

It was good being in semi civilisation – it was so good to be able to have a shower again, and to be able to cook on barbeques and OH THE TOILETS!



Stay away from our camps food


Barbeque Feast


Our group drank Exmouth dry of Seeds and Stones. No Joke. Not bad for 5 girls


The Hill's Campsite


This seemed like luxury, but it really wasn’t. We made enemies with the people behind us (an old couple) one morning, but by evening we were all good again.

We got told off by the homestead owners for driving too fast (Han and Rez) but then they came and donated money to us.

We hung out with the kite surfers in the back back shed.. and I read one of the weirdest books, storywise. The amount of dodgy sex scenarios clearly displayed it was a male author who had written it.

The Hills were also at Yardie, and we spent some time with them. The kids were so cute.

Whilst at this campsite we visited the beach (so predictable), went crabbing (none were harmed or eaten – don’t worry), saw some Full Moons (the actual moon and too many bare bottoms)


Late night = Encounter with the crabs


Teaching the lil ones the way of the crab












We went for an epic day trip to Yardie Creek (at the very end of the road in the Cape Range National Park) where we were a procession of the following. 1 x kayak, 1 x inflatable boat, 5 x stand up paddle boards.


I was in the inflatable paddle boat. This thing took a lot of muscle to move, and it was very slow and hard to control. When the wind picked up I thought I might die of exhuastion.


We stopped for a picnic lunch, where we got told off, for going onto land, as it was apparently a rock wallaby's protected eating area. DARN


We were told off by a boat with a megaphone, in front of many many tourists.







A vulture circling around me. I'm a sitting target







Did lots of roo dodging (always), Hannah had her windscreen smashed in (by flying stones) and then it was just about time to head back to good ol Perth.


This time, we decided to part ways for the home trip, as one car is slow and stops a lot, and the other car likes to zoom ahead. What happened on the trips however were not so straight forward.

Manual Stitching

If anyone knows of a free downloadable mac program which converts multiple images into a panoramic photo, let me know please, because I just manually stitched together 8 photos to make this one below.

It took me ages, and I rushed it – you can see my haphazard editing skills.
Also, the original file is now 400mb, so I had to greatly reduce the size of the file and hence the quality to upload.


The Beach aka Rangers Residence where we lived