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That’s all folks..

So, you heard it here first.
The skate 4 cancer, australian skate is over.
It’s the first time that the team has not finished an across country skate.

Why now?
Well, Rob got sideswiped by a car and damaged his groin. The clutch of the van then blew.
Recovery for the van = 1 week.
Recovery of Rob = 4 – 6 weeks..
And then the outback awaited… Just wasn’t worth it.

Here’s the video to find out more…

Have heart though, the Aus skate will begin again March 2011..
Stay tuned for more..

Tonight is my last night with the skate 4 cancer team, before we depart and fly out to our respective homes tomorrow…
It truly is bittersweet.

I’m gonna miss this.


A Bumpy Ride

A lot of people don’t know, but when I was 20 I had a breast cancer scare.
I went and saw a specialist, and they did some tests and I had a troublesome lump about the size of chocolate gold coin. They predicted a long hard battle of treatments to get things right.
I knew something was up before the tests, because I couldn’t move one of my arms due to the swelling and pain in the chest region.

I was petrified to say the least. My grandmother had breast cancer and lost a breast. My mother had skin cancer and now had a big chunk of her arm cut out. My mothers best friend had breast cancer, had it cut out, and chemo. Had the breast reconstructed, only to have complications some months later and have to have it cut off again.

I was only 20, with my life still ahead of me. Cancer was not in my plans. Losing part of my body was not either.
Luckily for me – I had a miraculous healing. Some amazing people I know were responsible for it, and when I went back for the next examination, the bump was only an eighth of the size, and wait for it… not cancerous.

My shoulders immediately lighter and the my future seemed a bit more appealing. 
I am however, like every other woman and man on this earth, not safe from it, and awareness is very important.
The sooner you catch it, the better the chance of beating it for good.

Here is some information about performing your own breast examination, Everyone should do this, male and female alike (because yes, men can get breast cancer too). Make sure you perform this on a monthly basis and know what is normal for you body.


The video and info cards is from a movement called Skate4Cancer, which was a dream by a guy called Rob Dyer to create awareness in the world about cancer and it’s causes by skating across Canada. Suss it.

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Monetary Matters

So i checked my bank balance today and it shouldn’t be this low.
ok, so I am no where near broke, have three bank accounts and two of them have easily more than a grand in there, but I am trying to save up for a house and upgrade my car, as well as pay for my holiday to follow the blacklisted tour, as well as AHEM… attempt to go to the states and Canada at the end of the year, after going home to Qatar for Christmas.

So I have lent my brother 600 bucks… and he still can’t even afford to draw money (ie less than 20 in the banlk).
He can’t work unless he has fuel (he delivers pizzas) and his tank is empty so guess who is forking out again?

Thing is… I checked my bank account, to find my housemate has only paid 14 dollars towards our bills since July last year. Thats 9 months that I have paid totally out of my pocket. She also hasn’t increased the amount of rent she deposits fortnightly since our rent went up last month.

She owes me heaps and heaps. The thing is.. can she afford to pay me more than a grand?

How do I break it to her?

I never checked because I trusted her to pay everything.

It’s shitty to know. my trust was abused.

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