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When together is all that counts

Day 14- A picture of you and your family

Christmas 5 years ago.

My parents, my brother, my two cousins (I only have 4) and one of my aunts.


The Story so Far

So summer has been highly anticipated, and only now is it beginning to reach it’s full potential.

As many of you know, my parents came to visit for Christmas, which means they arrive in November, and leave in January.
My brother is working, which equals me playing tourguide for most of my vacation, and thus not having a riveting social life.

I hardly got to see any of my friends in December..
Here are a few pictures from those few coveted occasions.

January is looking promising.
Some good things have happened. I’m full of expectation.

Will the drama never stop?

So my festive season aka Christmas was pretty much ruined again by misfortune with health in the 09.
As if glandular fever/swine flu/pneumonia wasn’s bad enough, I had to get rushed to emergency this week.

The pain I felt was excruciating. The cause, I still do not know, even after spending three days in hospital.

Yesterday was the worst.
I got transferred from Armadale hospital to fremantle hospital because i needed to urgently see a surgeon.
9 hours later – I still had not seen one. It was only midnight last night, that I got to see one.
apparently i’d been classified as a pediatric patient.
How exactly am I a child?

Before all the tests, I was suspected to have one of the following.
Kidney Stones
Ovarian Cyst

After the tests and analysis I was still suspected to have appendicitis or a ruptured follicle (in the ovary).
After having 7 surgeons visit, the cause was still unknown.

They were going to operate to determine the cause, but luckily they have allowed me home, so I currently post this from the comfort of my own bed.

God, I hate hospitals.

If the pain continues or gets worse, guess who’s getting an emergency operation?

Churches against Christmas as it is today?

Does money and gifts = happiness?
Do presents = memories?
Are you a victim of consumerism?


My friend Mat, made this picture in response to this.

Victory is Mine

For once, Immigration rules. I just got back from the city to see them.

They have just granted me a travel visa from now until early January. This means I get to go home for Christmas. AND SEE MY PARENTS!! Last time was in 2002, 6 looooong years ago.

I am the happiest person alive right now.

So Christmas looks like this. I will be going here.

Doing my Christmas Shopping here


Eating at places like this

Remembering to drive on the other side of the road, and following road signs such as this.

Realising once again that this is the only green grass (and only grass really at all) in the country

Visiting our pet camel

And ahem… trying to remember all the arabic which I used to speak 6 years ago.

I can’t wait and had to share.

I really despise..

Drunk Drivers.

Especially when they have a car full of innocent children in them. Poor Trevor had the shit knocked into him from behind.My car will not be the same.

So much for Christmas….. filing a police report. The bloody woman will get away with it too.

Where’s her Christmas spirit?
Where’s her common sense?
Where’s her love for her children??

Currently listening to Lagwagon and Millencolin.