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CSWA Girls Fundraiser

I got asked to do the graphics for this event.

It’s a movie screening night.

You’re more than welcome to attend. Let me know what you think about the job I did!


Rewind, Repeat

My mate Shane took some video’s whilst we were up in Gero.
I took the liberty of putting some of them together, to share some of the moments of the camp.
Unfortunately I had very little to work with, and that this was filmed on the day with the smallest waves.

Oh well.


Bits n Bobs from Regionals

Click to Enlarge.

There goes your Credibility man..

If you knew how much crap this guy gives me for bodyboarding and not surfing (well I do sometimes), you’d realise how happy this photo makes me.

Are you serious?

Never again can he give me hassle.
We also caught it on video.

Sorry Nathan, Gero did not infact win the Softboard challenge. That title went to Scarborough.