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My Lil Man

This is the one soul who I spend most of my time with.



The day is always so much better, when you feel good about yourself and start the morning off on a positive note.

Take a page out of Jessica’s book.

Oh. and this is just cute.

Inspired by Sean

Did you know that baby Platypuses and Echidnas are called Puggles?

The Only Thing Keeping Me Sane

The only thing that makes me want to wake up in the morning.

Rowf Model

If only I could teach Benny to be like Tillman. AMAZING. Except Benny is scared of going in water.
Totally whipping out my board to give him some lessons.


For Sarah


This is pretty much what I did on the weekend.
Spent all day Saturday at the nursery.
Some of my purchases included the following

All whilst dealing with trying to prevent my cute puppy from walking away with roots of the two large trees and the stacks of bottlebrushes and kangaroo paws.

He’s a video of him from yesterday chasing the water from the hose pipe