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When I was a little girl…

…my love for the ocean was just as strong as it is now.

I grew up in a small town called Pinetown. It was originally a stop on the main wagon route between Durban and Pietermaritzburg and was even the location of a concentration camp during the Anglo Boer War. Creepy.

There was pretty much one main road, called… Old Main Rd go figure and our second house was just off this road inbetween The girls and the boys highschool.

This was the only shopping mall in the town

Sanlam Centre

Here is a picture of the town by night.

Anyways, enough of the little history lesson. Pinetown was about a half an hour drive from Durban, which had the closest beaches.

Dad at the beachfront paddling pools 1980ish

I remember the Gunston 500 (International surfing comp), the soft white sand, the well kept spacious pools…
Used to be able to surf some serious waves..

What beautiful beaches they were, however the beachfront used to get so heavily packed in warm weather, which was common for the state of Natal (or Kwa Zulu Natal as it is now known).

It ended up eventually being, us sticking like a sore thumb.

Some people with their nose out of joint edited this photo.

Anyways… back to what I was remembering the other day.
The little top.

I used to love this place, and my brother with his child stage fright detested it.

It was this little stage in a balloon tent located on Dairy Beach.
Every holidays they would run competitions from lucky legs, to Miss Kwa Zulu Natal, to races with a coin in between your butt cheeks (ha ha. dad did that one).

I remember winning a heat, and then finally the grand final for a Tarzan and Jane re-enactment. ha ha.

The funniest I’ll ever remember would be one day when dad was trying to get Greg to go up.
Greg said to dad, that if dad went up for something, Greg would go up next.
We could smell the victory.
The very next event, they were asking for males to volunteer.
Dad reaffirm the deal and with a smile and nod from Greg, up went dad, not knowing what he was getting himself.

It couldn’t have been a better event.

MR CHIPPENDALE! My dad! On stage with other men, in bathers flaunting his muscles.
The grossest/funniest thing I have ever seen.
They all had to strut their stuff for around 5-10 minutes, answer a question or two, and then the voting began.
You know what the most traumatizing thing about the whole experience was??


My dad, won a Chippendale competition.
On top of that, guess who didn’t hold up his end of the deal?
After seeing what dad had to do on stage, there was no way on earth, my shy brother would venture up.

Good memory.
Here’s a similar themed video to enjoy, of some of my lovely friends 🙂

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