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Many many years ago, on this precise date, at exactly 10:30pm WAST, and 4:30pm in my city of origin, I was born.

Last night I went out with a few friends and hit the town.
It started off with a bbq, The Impregnator making Mojitos, most people trying to avoid drinking the carton of Export that a certain someone had brought, and everyone trying to avoid being captured in “natural” shots by our local paparazzi.

We then packed into vehicles and entered TIGER RRrrrrrrrILLS
Usually the music is decent.
It was decidedly terrible – borderling drum and bass.
There was a bongo player, who may have spotted me imitating him.
This resulting in me having to get up on the stage and drum.
At first I pretended that I was a clueless girl, and had no idea what to do, then I ripped it to shreds and he hastily shooed me off, before I outshone him.

I got prank phone called by some clearly bored friends in Melbourne… Thanks Stu!
Ate a very messy kebab, and crashed at a friend, as I didn’t have my car with me.

All in all a decent and pretty low key night.


Peer Pressure

My best friend has conned me into attending this..

Only time will tell how it pans out..

No 1 Way to Capture a Girl’s Heart

Be a cute baby animal.

Not all of our Hen’s weekend was spent chopping wood, watching and cooing over animals and creeping up on Kangaroos.

We went to the beach, climbed some rocks, visited a winery or two, the cheese factory, the chocolate factory and feasted on some amazing fresh food. We watched Disney movies, got Pygmy drunk (ha ha she thought she only had one glass of wine, meanwhile Sarah kept on filling it up), talked R Rated material and then politics.

The highlight was definitely Saturday night fro aroun 11pm till 2am, when a sight never seen before occured.
Ongy and myself strangely were both wearing tight lycra pants under our jarmies, and lycra singlets under our tops.
Best friends think alike much?

So we stripped down, till we were shiny and tight and looked particularly heinous – apparently my shiny silver tights won award for worst item of clothing. All we needed now, was Pygmy in her baggier and less lycra tights, the Bride to be, and some amazingly awesome eighties music. It all started off with some dirty dancing…

“I’ve had the time of my life”

Too many leg kicks to count, too much laughing, some interesting smells.. ha ha.. some towel whipping and thankfully a pygmy who couldn’t put the flash on (YES – No one will ever see).

Oh.. and we also had a feast!

If only it was still the weekend…

Future Family Members

Below is a dance off, between my brother’s fiance (you can see my brother sitting on the bench in the background), and a man who has considered marrying me..

We were staying in a church in Bunbury, whilst we were competing in the State Youth Games.
I wonder if the congregation would approve. I got to play DJ.

Engagement Party

So my brother finally had his engagement party, and it really was a good night out.
Everyone dressed up, the theme was orange and white, and I got commissioned to make over 100 orange and vanilla cupcakes to match the theme. All vegan of course.

Now, Greg’s fiance Gayle, is a dance school teacher, and most of her friends are dancers, so you can imagine the quality of rug cutting that went on.

The quote of the night, by one of Greg’s workmates, in reference to Gayle’s friends.

“Well boys, with a show like this, who needs to go to the strip club after”


My Surfing Girls..

So last week there was a ball, that we decided to attend. It was a red carpet event with the theme being Oscars.
Original right?

I’ve become rather close with some amazing women that I go surfing with regularly.
So we took the opportunity to push aside the wetsuits and bikini’s and tousled wet hair, and glam ourselves up for a night.

For two of them, it was promising to be a night where they might meet their potential husbands. We were looking to it for ages. Amy is good friends with a professional photographer and he asked some of us to come down to the beach before hand for a photo shoot. We should be getting the images in a few weeks time. I can’t wait to see them!

It was an amazingly fun night. All the girls looked stunning. The food was decent. The music was TERRIBLE. Seriously, who hired the dj? The last song i traditionally supposed to be the best song, and everyone gets into it, and dances their heart out before we have to leave, and he puts it on, and it’s some sort of riverdance song that no one has ever heard of, offset with a tacky dance beat.

Despite the terrible music, we ripped it up on the dance floor, and had to swat away the undesirables who were trying to pick us up.
The male talent was definitely lacking, so no husbands were found on the night. ha ha.