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Out of the blue

Random acts of romantic behaviour that caught me off guard and made me smile.


Banksy Love card and a card to indicate our first date



Vegan Red wine and some sweet smelling flowers

Who would have thought that nice romantic guys still exist?



Say it Aint So

Daylight Savings has officially ended.
Damn! I am going to miss you.

Tonight I got asked out on a sorta date.
Sorta because it ended up as being me, the guy who asked me, and three of his friends. I had fun. I got to know him more. He is a really great guy.

Am I falling for him?
Oh God.

The last time I fell for someone, he ripped my heart to shreds. No wonder I use singleness as a defense force.

No wonder I am petrified….. In other news, I burnt two of my fingers severely today. They blistered within a minute of the burn occurring. Damn, I can be clumsy sometimes.

Went for the longest bike ride today. It was so good, however my body is aching for it.

I wonder if there is more to life than this?