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What do you do when you just found out one of your best friend’s mothers has just died unexpectedly whilst on holiday overseas.

She knows I can’t use my mobile at work, so all I get is a small email saying, “Mum’s died in Thailand. I’m going to be MIA for a while.”

So now what?

I wish I wasn’t at work right now, so I could be there for her.


Let’s just say, the month of October, has pretty much been a write off for me.
I have a doctors note spanning the length of 4 whole weeks, (including some of September), all because I acquired Severe Sinusitis.

Oh goody.

This ensured I wasted my entire school holidays and missed a week of school on either side of the holidays.
I had to stay in bed, went through mountains of boxes of tissues, battled to breathe and fought to not die on two occassions, emulate arabic taxi drivers and their “out of window spitting antics” but for me into a cup, not eat much, get lonely and be bored to death.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get a break.

I’m slowly on the recovery now, still struggling at times, but I’m in the real world.. trying to live my life..


You ruin me.

Please stop taking, please stop breaking me.

I’m still here.

So yesterday I nearly died.

I’ve never been allergic before to any form of medication. Never any food.
Only dust and pollen and zinc sunscreen.
Stuff that doesn’t phase me too much.

Yesterday was the lovely Clare’s bridal shower. The plan was to load my cupcakes into the car, drop in at the city, pick up her lingerie as a present, and then head to the party.

As I was leaving the house, i felt the dreaded migraine coming along, so I decided to take one of my new tablets just before leaving.

The traffic on the freeway was terrible, we were moving at exciting speeds of 10km per hour. I live a good fair way from the city, this was not good.

Suddenly, i begin to feel very hot, and start getting dizzy. My skin starts turning shades of purple, and I want to throw up.
Not only that, my tongue has begun to swell, and everywhere that my body was being touched, was burning hot and painful – including where my clothing was touching.

I knew instantly what this was, thank you first aid qualifications.
I was experiencing Anaphylaxis. I managed to call my best friend who is a nurse and would be setting up the bridal shower. She told me to try and drink water, I had none, so I ate a grape.
The amount of burning in my mouth from putting it in there and biting was unbearable.
I was battling to breathe, and to remain consciousness.

Still the traffic crawled.

I somehow managed to get to the house, which was thankfully nearby, where they administered some medication to try and prevent the symptons. I could feel exactly where the tablet was in my internal digestive system, as it was burning so badly.
It took me about 2 hours before I could eat anything.
It stayed in my system for about 5 hours.

My tongue remained swollen for another 3 days, and my left leg lagged for about 4 days.

Now instead of deciding what accessory to wear when I go out, I have to instead choose what form of jewelry is possibly going to save my life in the future.

Apparently it isn’t my time to go just yet…

Close to Home

A motorcyclist had to swerve to avoid a car this morning, on the road I live just off, and ending up hitting a metal pole.
He was rushed to hospital with severe chest injuries, and lost the fight for his life shortly after.
The road was closed off, and getting to work was near impossible.

Another fatality. How many more?

Tell your loved ones how much you love them… You never know when they’ll be gone.

For Ana

This is all about Sharks.

In particular, my personal encounters with them.

For those that know, my dad is a Ship Captain, Tug Master, Pilot, Sailor etc etc and he has been coasting the waters since he was 14.

I’ve been coasting the waters well pretty much my whole life, thanks to dad.
At one stage, I even lived on one of dad’s ships, which was a tanker called THE BUFFALO, which used to travel between South Africa and Mauritius.

Dad had me driving tug boats from age 5 with his watchful eye of course, and I even got to assist and guide a ship into the harbour by driving a tug on a few occassions.

Every now and then we’d spot a fin in the ocean and he’d point out whether it was a dolphin (YAY), a whale (also YAY) or a shark (boo) and if so, what type it was.

I used to have terrible nightmares about sharks.
I’d be walking along the piers getting to my dad’s ship and it would always get smaller and smaller and smaller, and it would be so skinny, I’d have to walk one foot in front of the other, and every single time, I’d lose balance and fall in.
There were always great whites on either side, and regardless of which way I fell, I always met my death.

The horrible thing was, I could feel the pain of being ripped to shreds, and only woke up right where there was no more body of mine to eat.

This was recurring, and happened over many years.
No wonder I have always been a bit petrified of them.


It was one of my parents’ work Christmas party, and it was held at the life saving club in Durban North.

At around 5pm, I decided to cool off and went by myself for a dip in the ocean.
I always get in pretty slow, especially when the water is coldish, and was making my way in, and was about waist deep, when i saw something coming at me within the waves.

I remember running screaming out, and quickly made my way up onto the shore, before having the guts to look back.
Right where I had exited the water, now lay a dead tiger shark.

They then took me on a jetski ride in rough waves about half an hour later, to say I was petrified, was an understatement.

Stay Tuned for Encounter No 2,3 and 4..

I had my first mom moment..

I always joke, that Benny is like a child of my own.
He needs feeing, being entertained, disciplined, socialised, education etc…
Just as a child would.

So he ate a poisoned spider the other day, just as we were about to leave for a friend’s wedding.
We stalled leaving for as long as we could, so i could make sure he was ok.

The whole time at the wedding I was stressing, to make matters worse, the bride was 45 minutes late, but luckily the ceremony wasn’t too long, and I rushed home to see if he was ok.

Thankfully he was. I’ve never been so stressed or worried.
Now I know how my own mom must have felt over the years.