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This week I have been trialling Buzz, from SAFE (Saving Animals from Euthanais).
Despite appearing to get along well with my bundle of joy initially, at home it isn’t all big smiles…

So if you’re in Perth, and are looking for a loyal friendly dog, who plays amazing games of fetch – is close to learning how to surf on a surfboard, is good on the lead and off (even when there are others around), loves cuddles.

This man is for you!!

Oh balls….

My poor lil man no longer has any, thanks to his surgery.

He was all excited for the car ride, and then when he met everyone at the vet, he could hardly contain his excitement.
By the time I picked him up after work, he probably hated everyone in the building.

Poor thing has to wear his cone for the next two weeks.

Meet Winston

My brother and his fiance got a 7 week old labradoodle this week.
Of course Aunty Samn had to suss out Benny’s future playmate.

He’s adorable and cuddly and licky.

Which reminds me, I don’t think I posted this up here yet, but my brother and his girlfriend got engaged last week Friday.
It was killing me inside, knowing he was going to do it, but without being able to tell anyone.

Benny’s Holiday

While I was away, my dear friend Annette agreed to look over my little bundle of joy.
It was his first experience living with a cat, and north of the river.

She kindly uploaded some pictures of him, whilst I was away so that I could see he was being okay.

As I arrived home from the airport, he was there, standing in the driveway, waiting to greet me.


The Only Thing Keeping Me Sane

The only thing that makes me want to wake up in the morning.


This is pretty much what I did on the weekend.
Spent all day Saturday at the nursery.
Some of my purchases included the following

All whilst dealing with trying to prevent my cute puppy from walking away with roots of the two large trees and the stacks of bottlebrushes and kangaroo paws.

He’s a video of him from yesterday chasing the water from the hose pipe

I could watch this show all day.