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Last time I was in Melbourne

I got to do some modelling after a very long break – like 6 years.

I’m still waiting on most of the pictures, but I have three to keep me waiting, and now you do to.



(c) Corina Jasmine Pope

(c) Corina Jasmine Pope

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After a terrible red eye flight to Melbourne where the person next to me was throwing up for literally three hours, I arrived still jetlagged from Qatar and literally passed out on Sam mid speach sometime later that day.
Rough Times.

Melbourne always equals trips to the following joints for me.
92 house
La Panella
East Brunswick Club
Lord of the Fries.


A bunch of us decided to make the ten hour drive to Sydney for the IA show. Our fifth person bailed last minute so we decide our friend Andrew was going to come with. The plan was to tell him we were taking him out for ice cream and when he realised 2 hours later that we were on the highway to Sydney, we would tell him we’re actually going there instead.

The poor thing had to cancel his movie date for the evening.
So five of us ventured out in a car packed with soda, glowsticks, brownies, la panella, a carton of Coopers and some of Natalie’s baked treats.

It was an epic car ride.

The show was definitely worth the travel.

“For those of you who had a sad about the fact that this wasn’t internal affairs playing, it’s just as well that you missed it”.
We appreciated every minute of it, and every single bit of sweat that was exuded. On a side note, Iron Mind were mind blowing.

A hectic night out and way to much redbull saw three of us attempt to rest our eyes at Kelly’s place on his wooden floor without blankets, pillows and for me – without sleepwear; all whilst listening to the farts and stomach sounds of some very ill men in the same room. We’re all very good friends now. ha.