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So the area where I live keeps on getting hit by bushfires.
Apparently 167 fires have been lit in my suburb in the last 2 years. The reason why this is such a bad thing, is because our housing estate is surrounded by hundreds of hectares of bushland in the form of regional parks.
That’s a very scary thought. A couple of fired have come really close and scared the hell out of me, the most recent one actually saw me fleeing my house on Sunday.


I’d never thought about it too much before but here was my dilemma.

What do you grab from your house when you think it might burn down and not be there when you return?

I grabbed my dog, his water bowl, his leash, my computer, a change of clothes and my massive file of paperwork (birth certificates/passports/educational qualifications etc)

Sunday was very stressful, not knowing whether the house would be there or not, and seeing the massive mushroom of smoke from 30 kilometres away.

I returned with my dog at around 9pm that night and found it still standing. Apparently the 80 amazing firefighters had protected all the houses and buildings, even though the fire had swallowed up 212 hectares of land. The fire however was still not under control.
That night I slept terribly with the house being filled with smoke and I cough and spluttered my way through.
The next morning I grabbed the same items again, when I left the house in the wee hours of the morning. I dropped Benny off at a safe garden about 15 kilometres away, and headed to work. By the time we returned at 7 on Monday evening the fire had been controlled and it was safe once again.

I just don’t understand why people would even consider lighting fires.
How can they be so inconsiderate and stupid?