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So the area where I live keeps on getting hit by bushfires.
Apparently 167 fires have been lit in my suburb in the last 2 years. The reason why this is such a bad thing, is because our housing estate is surrounded by hundreds of hectares of bushland in the form of regional parks.
That’s a very scary thought. A couple of fired have come really close and scared the hell out of me, the most recent one actually saw me fleeing my house on Sunday.


I’d never thought about it too much before but here was my dilemma.

What do you grab from your house when you think it might burn down and not be there when you return?

I grabbed my dog, his water bowl, his leash, my computer, a change of clothes and my massive file of paperwork (birth certificates/passports/educational qualifications etc)

Sunday was very stressful, not knowing whether the house would be there or not, and seeing the massive mushroom of smoke from 30 kilometres away.

I returned with my dog at around 9pm that night and found it still standing. Apparently the 80 amazing firefighters had protected all the houses and buildings, even though the fire had swallowed up 212 hectares of land. The fire however was still not under control.
That night I slept terribly with the house being filled with smoke and I cough and spluttered my way through.
The next morning I grabbed the same items again, when I left the house in the wee hours of the morning. I dropped Benny off at a safe garden about 15 kilometres away, and headed to work. By the time we returned at 7 on Monday evening the fire had been controlled and it was safe once again.

I just don’t understand why people would even consider lighting fires.
How can they be so inconsiderate and stupid?




No 1 Way to Capture a Girl’s Heart

Be a cute baby animal.

Not all of our Hen’s weekend was spent chopping wood, watching and cooing over animals and creeping up on Kangaroos.

We went to the beach, climbed some rocks, visited a winery or two, the cheese factory, the chocolate factory and feasted on some amazing fresh food. We watched Disney movies, got Pygmy drunk (ha ha she thought she only had one glass of wine, meanwhile Sarah kept on filling it up), talked R Rated material and then politics.

The highlight was definitely Saturday night fro aroun 11pm till 2am, when a sight never seen before occured.
Ongy and myself strangely were both wearing tight lycra pants under our jarmies, and lycra singlets under our tops.
Best friends think alike much?

So we stripped down, till we were shiny and tight and looked particularly heinous – apparently my shiny silver tights won award for worst item of clothing. All we needed now, was Pygmy in her baggier and less lycra tights, the Bride to be, and some amazingly awesome eighties music. It all started off with some dirty dancing…

“I’ve had the time of my life”

Too many leg kicks to count, too much laughing, some interesting smells.. ha ha.. some towel whipping and thankfully a pygmy who couldn’t put the flash on (YES – No one will ever see).

Oh.. and we also had a feast!

If only it was still the weekend…

Not your average girls…

My best friend is a soccer player, I am a hockey player.
An observer would probably call us” tom boys”, we prefer to call ourselves “well rounded”.

So I mentioned that our house had a fire place, which meant we needed wood. LOTS of it.
Insert suburban girls learning the art of cutting wood. In Sarah’s case a first, in my case – a change from using table saws, band saws and drop saws…

The result – some really good entertainment value.

January 08

I ended up in Catherine Hill Bay on the back of the Extortion Sick Tour, and after having detoured and travelled from Byron to the Sunshine Coast.

Three of us decided to mess around with the fire, which we had had burning for about 4 days already.
We burnt a bodyboard, a printer, some nike dunks, numerous soft drink cans and some deoderant cans.

Here is some of what happened.

Work Incidents

As the end of the term draws near, the kids antics just start volumizing.
This week I had my first major fire hazard, and not even in my woodwork workshop.

It was in my drawing class.

It started off just a normal class, with my year 12’s. One of them was looking sort of suspicious and one of the only girls in the class kept on looking over. You always have to expect some mischief with a class of all boys barre two.

I looked up, everything was fine, looked down to write something, heard a small noise, looked up, only to see a fire erupting from the boys pencil case. He’d decided to light a match inside his pencil case and it caught alive.

That fire is now dead, and so is that match.

I enjoy fire.

Here is one we made in Catherine Hill Bay in July. This is day three in the life of this fire. It continued to burn for another week.


Roughing It

Third camping trip in 3 weeks. Totally frothing.
Man, I sounds like some kind of animal. Maybe I am?

Completely different crowd. Completely different environment.
Totally outnumbered by blokes. This may have been because the nearest building/toilet/shower was more than a half hour drive through solid bush away.

Just the way I love it.

We camped out on Matt Storey’s uncles land. This meant there was the Raynerstoz crew… a few people I didn’t know.
I went down with some people I hadn’t really hung out with in the last 2/3 years, to be honest we just don’t have a lot in common. I pretty much hung out with the Raynerstoz crew.

It was seriously old skool vs new school camping.
We seriously roughed it.
Slept out under the stars (the boys all had swags… I had a piece of tarp and woke up very dewey and cold), next to the blazing fire. We kept it going the whole time we were there, chopping food, and cooking out food total bogan style.

There New schoolers had flash tents, gas barbie, tables, the works…

Took three dirtbikes down and totally cut sick. 2 guys totally wiped out… and had the scars to prove it. No medical aid out here much.

Got to hang out with Brett more, we walked up this massive hill at like 3 in the morning and lay and stared at the stars. so beautiful.
Then watched Collins and Jasman stack it into cow dung. So good.

Didn’t/couldn’t shower… smelt like smoke… drank beer, sang songs, took in nature, went for long walks, talked a load of crap.

Siked to go again soon.


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