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Out of the blue

Random acts of romantic behaviour that caught me off guard and made me smile.


Banksy Love card and a card to indicate our first date



Vegan Red wine and some sweet smelling flowers

Who would have thought that nice romantic guys still exist?



Spring is finally here

Thank goodness.

Flowers blooming in my garden

There were no bells

but Clare did indeed get married to Zac.

It was a lovely event, and Clare looked stunning.
Us besties, rocked up in red and gray…

I wish you all the best Mr and Mrs Gagelar. (I’m so gonna have to get used to this–aah)


It was a beautiful night.
Up in the hills in 3/4 acres of property where my friends resides.
We had to wonder through the bush scattered with hanging fairy lights to guide our way onto the tennis court, which had been converted into a reception area.

Hanging balls of white light, long white tables, and newly put together wooden benches.

The Girls

Driving Howie


This is pretty much what I did on the weekend.
Spent all day Saturday at the nursery.
Some of my purchases included the following

All whilst dealing with trying to prevent my cute puppy from walking away with roots of the two large trees and the stacks of bottlebrushes and kangaroo paws.

He’s a video of him from yesterday chasing the water from the hose pipe