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I finally did it

I gave blood.

To all the haters out there who think because I’m a Vegan, that I’m weak, and have to be low on iron because I don’t take supplements.

You’re wrong. My levels were perfect and they want my blood.

So after so many attempts, I’ve finally been able to give the gift straight from the heart.

You should too.


I really like ice cream.

More than the average person from what I’ve been told.

Last night, I went on an ice cream date with my bestie.
At the end of the evening, a girl walked passed us (we’d been walking for blocks) and our conversation went something like this..

friend: UGH. It’s her.

Me: who?

friend: She was the one being inappropriately groped by her boyfriend in the ice cream shop

me; really? which girl?

friend : the one in the blue shorts. didn’t you seen them?

me: Who?

friend: her and her boyfriend, the couple.

me: whereabouts?

friend: in the line in front of us, in the ice cream shop.

me: No. I’ve never seen her before. Wait.. there was a couple in front of us?

friend: how could you not see them? they were all over each other and it was right in front of us.. what were you looking at?

me: ice cream?

friend: really?

me: To be honest, the ice cream. and then every now and then the attendants to see if it was our turn to get served yet.

friend: we were waiting for a long time. you looked at the ice cream all that time?

me: yup

friend: WOW.

me: i guess i really like ice cream then hey… I was just so looking forward to some.

– side note – You have just wasted precious time, reading that terrible re-encounter about a trivial thing.