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This time last year

I was living in this house.

It was an old house, in a nice neighbourhood that we were very lucky to secure the previous year.
It was situated on a main road, that had my doctor, my physio, a pathology lab, a shopping center, the cinemas, tennis courts, 3 parks, and about 8 different take away places, all within a 2/3 min walk.

The only down side to this house was it had no insulation. So it was freezing cold in winter (it was referred to as the freezer), and sweltering in summer.

We moved out in October of last year into our current home now, which we have bought.
I still miss this house and the mutant massive lemons growing in the back yard.


No 1 Way to Capture a Girl’s Heart

Be a cute baby animal.

Not all of our Hen’s weekend was spent chopping wood, watching and cooing over animals and creeping up on Kangaroos.

We went to the beach, climbed some rocks, visited a winery or two, the cheese factory, the chocolate factory and feasted on some amazing fresh food. We watched Disney movies, got Pygmy drunk (ha ha she thought she only had one glass of wine, meanwhile Sarah kept on filling it up), talked R Rated material and then politics.

The highlight was definitely Saturday night fro aroun 11pm till 2am, when a sight never seen before occured.
Ongy and myself strangely were both wearing tight lycra pants under our jarmies, and lycra singlets under our tops.
Best friends think alike much?

So we stripped down, till we were shiny and tight and looked particularly heinous – apparently my shiny silver tights won award for worst item of clothing. All we needed now, was Pygmy in her baggier and less lycra tights, the Bride to be, and some amazingly awesome eighties music. It all started off with some dirty dancing…

“I’ve had the time of my life”

Too many leg kicks to count, too much laughing, some interesting smells.. ha ha.. some towel whipping and thankfully a pygmy who couldn’t put the flash on (YES – No one will ever see).

Oh.. and we also had a feast!

If only it was still the weekend…

Our tradition..

Not much longer now, till we fulfill our tradition of going down south for our core group’s HEN”S WEEKEND.

The first one to get hitched was Chantelle almost 3 years ago.
This is the tour of our pad!

Clare, you’re next!!


This is pretty much what I did on the weekend.
Spent all day Saturday at the nursery.
Some of my purchases included the following

All whilst dealing with trying to prevent my cute puppy from walking away with roots of the two large trees and the stacks of bottlebrushes and kangaroo paws.

He’s a video of him from yesterday chasing the water from the hose pipe

We got the house!

So I’m now getting a puppy!

This is going to be the best month ever.

New House
New Car
New Puppy
New Adventures

and Holidays 🙂