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There was way too much KHAKI

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

Identified 3rd Brithday Party

Myself and the lovely Gaby, who is a friend and also one half of the combination who keeps my hair looking fabulous.


Ditching the Red…

I took a trip to my fabulous hairdresser and her apprentice on Tuesday.
They both recently got back from Paris, London and New York.

I’m slowly going lighter and have lately been a fan of the gradual dip lightening process.
So when Jude was enquiring what to do, and whether I’d be going copper, having highlights or what… she was thrilled with my dip suggestion.

This is the final result… Oh.. and I had a haircut too… Can’t wait for my fringe to grow out nicely in a week or two 🙂

There were no bells

but Clare did indeed get married to Zac.

It was a lovely event, and Clare looked stunning.
Us besties, rocked up in red and gray…

I wish you all the best Mr and Mrs Gagelar. (I’m so gonna have to get used to this–aah)