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Let’s just say, the month of October, has pretty much been a write off for me.
I have a doctors note spanning the length of 4 whole weeks, (including some of September), all because I acquired Severe Sinusitis.

Oh goody.

This ensured I wasted my entire school holidays and missed a week of school on either side of the holidays.
I had to stay in bed, went through mountains of boxes of tissues, battled to breathe and fought to not die on two occassions, emulate arabic taxi drivers and their “out of window spitting antics” but for me into a cup, not eat much, get lonely and be bored to death.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get a break.

I’m slowly on the recovery now, still struggling at times, but I’m in the real world.. trying to live my life..



You ruin me.

Please stop taking, please stop breaking me.

Time to Unwind..

So, I am now officially on holidays, and how did I spend my first afternoon off?

The doctors..

Since the re-emergence of my spinal cord and neck injury, my infrequent once in every two month migraines have been occurring 4 times a week, with greater intensity than ever before, and now they are affecting my vision. I’ll go blind for the duration of it, and sometimes these babies will last about 10 hours.

So I went to the doctor, and got given some preventative migraine medication, which I got to pop that day, and some reaction medication, which I pop as the migraine starts forming..

Here’s hoping it works..

This was the Me of February

before things started to look up. It’s always a journey. I’d just like some good luck for a change.

There must be something wrong with me.
I get so tired, I can’t sleep.
The voices in my head are haunting my dreams.
No matter how I try,
To kill the thoughts inside.
I cannot, I cannot, hide.

The mirror staring back at me.
The cracking lines along my face.
The times I try to get things straight, but could not.
I know how hard I try,
To keep myself alive.
But I don’t know, I don’t know why:

Funny how,
When the darkest of nights falls down.
Worry that I will never see.
The sun is shining again.

The world goes round,
What was up is again back down.
Wonder if I could stick around,
Feel the light of the day:

Sometimes I feel like I am,
Dying, down here.
I feel a raging storm,
Inside of my skin.
The dial tone is there
But no one’s calling…

I feel the weight of time,
Wonder when I will die.
But I don’t know, I don’t know why

Out with the old, in with the new.

My body must have missed that memo.

My personal social network page is flooded with notifications about how grand and fabulous the new year is.
How everything is going right, and that it’s a brilliant start to what is looking to be a promising year.

How very wrong that is for me.

2007 I thought had been a bad year.
2008 I barely survived. My health suffered greatly, and at one stage I thought I might not even make it.

Here I’m thinking.. 2009 – it can only get better right?

So here I am on day 5 of this new year. I’ve left the house once. That is all I have had the energy for.
I’m still reliant on painkillers issued by my surgeon.
I’m still battling the remnants of that “undiagnosable illness” so severe, I had to see numerous surgeons.

I’m still in pain, slowly losing motivation that life for me will ever be good.

When do I get a break?

If karma existed, I should be rolling in good fortune, instead of writhing in bed.

I guess only time will tell, I’m hoping to be ok to leave the house on Wednesday.
I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t.

I’ve actually got something to look forward to.
Two things actually.

No, make that three.

Any guesses?

01/01/10 – 0:01

Wash this canvas. Paint me new.

Home, sober and comfortable to see in the new year.
Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Will the drama never stop?

So my festive season aka Christmas was pretty much ruined again by misfortune with health in the 09.
As if glandular fever/swine flu/pneumonia wasn’s bad enough, I had to get rushed to emergency this week.

The pain I felt was excruciating. The cause, I still do not know, even after spending three days in hospital.

Yesterday was the worst.
I got transferred from Armadale hospital to fremantle hospital because i needed to urgently see a surgeon.
9 hours later – I still had not seen one. It was only midnight last night, that I got to see one.
apparently i’d been classified as a pediatric patient.
How exactly am I a child?

Before all the tests, I was suspected to have one of the following.
Kidney Stones
Ovarian Cyst

After the tests and analysis I was still suspected to have appendicitis or a ruptured follicle (in the ovary).
After having 7 surgeons visit, the cause was still unknown.

They were going to operate to determine the cause, but luckily they have allowed me home, so I currently post this from the comfort of my own bed.

God, I hate hospitals.

If the pain continues or gets worse, guess who’s getting an emergency operation?