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It’s been a long eight year journey but finally I am getting my Australian Citizenship on such a cliche day..

26 January 2011

Australia Day


It’s going to be a mad rush getting a passport straight after that, as I leave for my stint in Japan about two weeks later. Exciting Stuff..

It’s ugly face rears once again


I’ve had so much of it lately – in the form of paperwork and documentation.

In order to teach in Australia, it is compulsory to be registered with your relevant State’s Board.
Ours here in WA is WACOT.

Failure to do so, will result in one losing their job and getting fined 10 000 if they attempt to teach without being registered.
Mine was due to be renewed and there was a whole bunch of documents to fill out, copies of id documents, driver’s licences etc to be copied and certified, police clearances to be obtained etc.

So I gathered all of this information (I had to use my id book instead of my passport as my current one has gone missing and is full and about to expire next week) and posted it off (they would not accept faxes).

About a week later I recieve a reciept in the mail from Wacot regarding my appplication.
Here’s me assuming everything is good.

Then last week I get an email from them, as a final warning, saying they are cutting off my registration as I haven’t renewed my rego.
I called up and they told me they never recieved my documents.
I mentioned how this could be the case when they had taken money out of my account based on my mastercard details inclosed in my paperwork.

They have no idea.
Still this week they have not located my paperwork.
My principal then pulls me aside (he’s never been a fan of me that much as he is very conservative and I am more free thinking) and asks if I’m aware of the consequences.

Not only do I lose my job but all accumulated long service leave, sick leave/payments/annuation etc.
I’m half way through getting my long service leave.
And that’s so not fair.

So I’ve had to redo all the paperwork, get more certified copies, photocopy the receipt of me paying Wacot in the first place, and post it off, hoping they get it right this time.

As if a teacher doesn’t already have enough stress.

THEN I tried to sign up for medicare.
They need certified copies of passport (OHOH big problem), drivers licence, evidence of permanent residency/visa, as well as filling out forms.

So I get there with everything and a printout of the email from immigration informing me I am now a permanent resident with my case and file number, type of residency etc.. and medicare reckon it’s not enough.

Seriously? It’s good enough for the government and immigration and airorts but not for medicare?
They want me to provide the receipt of the application fee I paid when I applied for my residency.
That was back in June 2007.
I never got a receipt.

So now I’m trying to get a copy of my bank statement for that month.
You cannot access your bank statements online before 2008.
So I go into the branch, they cannot either.
You have to order a particular statement.
This costs money, and I’ll probably only get it next week.

In the mean time, I’ve lost my spectacles, and am on my last pair of contacts.
If my contacts expire or a lose them, I’m blind, and won’t have a back up.

I’ve been told I need my eyes retested, and this is why I need medicare.

So I come home, annoyed, stressed and start going through my old paperwork. I track down bank statements from as early as 2002. Here is where it gets annoying.
I find the one before the one I need, and the one after.
The one I need is nowhere to be found.

And so I wait.

As of today..

I am now an Australian resident.

About time.

Racial Discrimination

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a victim of racial discrimination in a 1st World Country in 2009?

Ask me, I could rant for ages at the events of the past two days.
Who were the fucking idiots who think it’s ok to get away with it?

The Federal Police Department of Wa.
Good to know who is protecting and looking after us.

If I wanted to continue being a victim, I would have stayed in my old house in South Africa (where I was gassed and robbed), thank you very fucking much.


So I’ve been ill for quite some time, and continually exhausted and last week I had some blood tests done.
A lot of my friends have given me crap and said it’s because i don’t eat meat – and haven’t for so long. They reckon I have an iron and B12 deficiency.
Another reason could have been glandular fever. 8 people at my school have had it in the past year.
Lastly the third -stress.anxiety.depression as a result of suicides by 4 people close to me in the past year, immigration hassles, work load and more…

Today I was put at ease and discovered it was Glandular Fever all along, but I am pretty much clear of it all now.

Life goes on, and now I can have some fun (before I die – getting my Bronze Medallion swimming all day tomorrow on very little sleep).

Ps. For those who were wondering, my b12 and iron levels are perfect – so sucked in.

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Victory is Mine

For once, Immigration rules. I just got back from the city to see them.

They have just granted me a travel visa from now until early January. This means I get to go home for Christmas. AND SEE MY PARENTS!! Last time was in 2002, 6 looooong years ago.

I am the happiest person alive right now.

So Christmas looks like this. I will be going here.

Doing my Christmas Shopping here


Eating at places like this

Remembering to drive on the other side of the road, and following road signs such as this.

Realising once again that this is the only green grass (and only grass really at all) in the country

Visiting our pet camel

And ahem… trying to remember all the arabic which I used to speak 6 years ago.

I can’t wait and had to share.

Prisoner of Australia.

Today that is what my dad called me.

Skype conversations are always interesting with my parents. Them living in an Arabic country, us living in a Western Country. Obviously our experiences and news will generally be different.

What he was referring to was my situation with the Immigration Department here. I applied for my residency almost 2 years ago. Whilst they are processing my application I am not allowed to leave the country. If I choose to, I will not be welcomed back. After I applied they changed the process for my application, which made what I applied for void, so currently my case is sitting at the Treasury and no longer Immigration. This happened in December last year. A decision still hasn’t been made, despite that there is a shortage of teachers in Australia. (And yet they haven’t put it on the immigration shortage list which would guarentee quicker processing).

If they decide to not grant me residency, I will have a mere few weeks to pack up and leave. Where? I have no idea. I forfeitted my residency in Qatar when I came here, so I am currently not a resident of any country in the world.

Dad wants me to Damn the Man… and leave Australia. HE is heavily trying to persuade me to move to New Zealand for a few years. Mom seems to be agreeing.

My brother and I just looked at each other in complete shock and surprise.

My future is in the hands of someone else – and I don’t even know who they are.
Unless I take a massive risk and move to yet another country by myself and start all over again.