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Due to illness, injury and some unfortunate personal circumstances, I found over the last two years I have become a hermit.
Friday nights is traditionally stay at home with Benny and watch movies night. Saturday nights, often the same.

However I have furthered friendships with some pretty amazing people, through sport.
I have been spending a lot of time with some of the girls from my hockey club, namely Bianca and Kirst and they are doing their best to get me back up to speed.. Sometimes three times in one week!

Otherwise it’s the lovely ladies I know from surfing. The likes of Larissa, Amy and Briony.

JUST AS EXCITING, my best friend Sarah has finally flown back from India. It’s good to have her back after nearly three long months.
So good to see her face all the time. Oh and the HUGS!

Next weekend is our traditional Girls Hen’s Weekend down south, as Clare gets married in a few weeks.
Just the original crew, who I have been doing life with, since I moved to Australia.. back when we were all scrawny teenagers.
Clare, Sarah, Chantelle and Jess… It’s going to be amazing!

Clare's Getting Married!

Currently listening to Mgmt - The Youth

Let's KISS her!

The Crew about 7 years ago


About Time..

My best girlfriend finally got a blog.

She’s currently in India with her huge heart, and will be working her little butt off, helping those less fortunate.
One of the million reasons why I love her so much.

You can follow her adventures here.

To those special two…

In January my best girlfriend and my best guyfriend finally got to meet and (luckily) hit it off. YAY!

This song is dedicated to them both. They know who they are.
I love you!

The sad news is, that my best girlfriend leaves to go to India for three months next week.
She’s amazing and is going to work in orphanages.
Whatever am I going to do?

Miss her like absolutely crazy… And I predict more phone calls interstate to keep me sane.