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New Sports Physio

She’s the best I’ve ever had.

Seriously fantastic. If you’re in Perth, I recommend going here.

She always has her work cut with me, apparently..
With my knotted neck, lower back, and problematic glutes, it’s always going to be hard work.

Bruised Much?

One of about 25 injuries I sustained whilst playing for RV and winning the State Youth Games Indoor Soccer Tournament.

This was taken about 2 weeks later. You should have seen my shin!

Body Update.

For those of you who know my terrible luck, I have sustained yet another injury.

A week ago, I woke up and was unable to turn my neck, especially left.
It turns out I may have pinched a nerve whilst sleeping.
3 chiro appointments and 2 massages later, and I’ve lost a lot of money, a lot of sleep and have to deal with the current problem.

My old spinal cord injury has come back.
According to specialists my neck, upper back, upper mid back and lower back is all under trauma and screwed.
So the only part that is good, is my lower middle back. Yay for me.

I’ve had to change my diet, start on protein shakes for breakfast (never blend oranges into them – yuck!), eliminate toast, and most carbs, and completely avoid store bought bread.

Guess who got taught how to make home made bread in the oven this afternoon.
It was delicious, and the company was fantastic too.

Say a little prayer for me.

Goodnights and Goodbyes

This was the last evening, that we, the Skate4Cancer Aus crew were together, before abandoning the skate, and heading our seperate ways back home.

Pictured: Rob Right, Jamie Centered, Myself Left.

Taken by Erin Hogue, who was supposed to join the team, before the car accident.

I love it..

When you’re out in the surf, and you’ve just caught an amazingly big wave, and you’re riding it, and some inexperienced surfer loses their board and it smacks you smartly across the back of the head.

Not only do you have to worry about the huge waves, and the possibility that you might be concussed, you also don’t realise that you’re pouring out blood like there’s no tomorrow, and probably attracting every shark within a 20km radius.

I still have the scab, and it just started bleeding again.
Good thing I have a lot of hair right?

This doesn’t look good friends..

As opposed to being some 50kms past Renmark, we are now in Northern Adelaide due to horrible unforeseen circumstances.

It appears that hit and runs still occur on Australia’s roads, and today we were victim of this.

This is what was released today…

I know many of you are wondering why there is an extra blog this week. I wish it was to post better news, but I still wouldn’t call it bad news, especially considering what happened. Allow me to explain.

Sometime during the mid-morning of Wednesday, April 14th, while skating the tail end of the 150km uninhabited stretch of highway A20, Rob was side-swiped by a car. It appears that while driving the long, straight stretch of barren highway, someone lost focus, or control, or both, and swerved into the bike lane, knocking Rob off his board. By the time we got to him with the van, he was standing, which was a really good sign. Once we had him in the van, it was clear to see there were no immediate or life-threatening injuries. Luckily, it was the side of the car that knocked Rob, not a direct hit, which could have been much worse. The only damaging injury that seems to have resulted from the accident is a pulled groin.

We’ve made our way to Adelaide to get Rob checked out at a hospital, since he is having a fair bit of trouble walking and the pain seems fairly intense. We’re keeping our fingers crossed it’s not anything worse, but for the time being I think it is safe to say there won’t be any skating for a little while.

Considering the speeds involved in the accident, and the narrow margin by which a direct hit was avoided, a pulled groin isn’t what I would call bad news. In fact, looking at what went down, I think Rob is a pretty lucky guy right now. But he doesn’t feel that way, and frustration and disappointment on his face is clear to see. He wants to be skating, not icing a strained muscle.

Over the next few days we will be visiting the hospital and Doctors to try to get a sense of what the exact injury is and how long Rob will be out of commission. In the time being, keep checking the blog, and keep sharing the Drop-In Center video. We’ve cleared 10,000 views in 3 days, which is a truly amazing thing. I know watching those hits go up gives Rob a real boost, so there is nothing better anyone can do for him right now than to keep pushing that video.

Jamie + The S4C Team

First Training Back

So it’s been six weeks since I pulled my right calf during a 4km daily run.

I finally got the clear from my sports physio and tonight was going to be the first time I would try to run, and my first session back at hockey training.

Getting there was interesting enough.
The aftermath of “The Storm”, saw me leaving home earlier than usual to account for traffic lights not working. They weren’t, and I managed to still arrive a little early.

The field was so strange to look at. Most of the trees were leafless.
The field was covered in bright green leaves of every shape and size. There was so many broken branches lying everywhere.

We went for our warm up run round the double oval, having to hop over branches and wade through thick layers of leaves.
It felt so surreal, and was so quiet – like something devastating was about to happen.

As the sun setting was illuminated across the river and the freeway, we noticed that the field wasn’t getting any brighter.
Turns out our floodlights got damaged by the storm.

So we had to modify our training severely and try and move to a tiny patch of ground which had some secondary light from the golf course across the road. We were battling as it was, to try and stop the balls, see the balls and not get hit by said balls, as well as not trip over leaves and branches.

Then the golf club switched off their lights.

End of training.
Lots of new faces. I don’t know any of the new people’s names yet.

My calf is looking good though, and my dodge toe seemed to hold up (after a trip to the doctor and a hit of liquid nitrogen).