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Goodnights and Goodbyes

This was the last evening, that we, the Skate4Cancer Aus crew were together, before abandoning the skate, and heading our seperate ways back home.

Pictured: Rob Right, Jamie Centered, Myself Left.

Taken by Erin Hogue, who was supposed to join the team, before the car accident.


That’s all folks..

So, you heard it here first.
The skate 4 cancer, australian skate is over.
It’s the first time that the team has not finished an across country skate.

Why now?
Well, Rob got sideswiped by a car and damaged his groin. The clutch of the van then blew.
Recovery for the van = 1 week.
Recovery of Rob = 4 – 6 weeks..
And then the outback awaited… Just wasn’t worth it.

Here’s the video to find out more…

Have heart though, the Aus skate will begin again March 2011..
Stay tuned for more..

Tonight is my last night with the skate 4 cancer team, before we depart and fly out to our respective homes tomorrow…
It truly is bittersweet.

I’m gonna miss this.


So we made it through the night and found a free roadside shower.
It was ok, if you don’t mind crickets flying into you, mid way through.

First shower in ten days! Thank you, I smell gorgeous:)

today’s plan: get the hell away from here.
Destination: mildura- population 30 000. Our biggest town for ages.

I hope they have my favourite juice!

If this is the last thing I ever write

I hope it helps the cops find our murderers.

We are in the sketchiest neighbourhood so far of the aus and nz trip combined.

In broad daylight rob was nearly mugged and later some crazy lady tried to take the shirt off his back.

We have driven to the next town, some 5 km away called euston, and the next town is about another 90km away.

This town is not much better. There is a real sinister vibe, the buildings are downridden and looked evil in themselves.
As foreigners we’ve attracted some uneasy looks.

We are currently parked on the main street outside the public restrooms. Near the police station. We figured it would be the safest spot. It’s 8;57pm and so far rob, Jamie and myself are still alive. The boys are sleeping out of view in the back, yet I’m sleeping across the front seats in prominent view through the windscreen for anyone to glare/gaze and plot against.

Tonight will be a very uneasy sleep. I’m leaving my contacts in, so I can identity potential intruders. I’m wearing jeans and a hoodie so I am appropriately dressed for a quick get away, and I have a frying pan lying next to my head, to flail and destroy any would be intruders.

Wish us luck. We really need it.
Ps. This is scarier than alien/cow encounters!

This is the ghetto!


Skate 4 Cancer Aus

So I’m currently one of a three man team, also consisting of Mr Rob Dyer (Founder of Skate 4 Cancer) and Mr Jamie McMahon (Founder of a New Beat) and we are the Skate 4 Cancer team making the trek from Melbourne to Adelaide.

I flew into Melbourne around about 1am on Friday and Borgs luckily picked me up and drove me to meet up with my family for the next few weeks. By 11am we were well on our way towards retrieving my lost sleeping bag, before continuing to Shepparton which is where Rob was to proceed skating.

Basically what Skate 4 Cancer does is skateboard across countries, raising awareness about cancer.
The Cure is Knowledge.

Skating around an average of about 40km (due to heat/flies/lack of shoulders on the roads and heavy traffic), we are plodding along nicely and steadily.

We all have our little roles on the trip.
My main one is driving the van aka our home – which amazingly was donated by Element Skateboards. Minor roles include being able to know the location and find any given object at any time, making cd playlists, and improving the suitability of the van against the onslaught of THE OUTBACK. Everything DIY from mozzie netting all major doorways as well as creating more storage space.

Rob’s is to skate, to motivate kids around the world, and to be the symbol of courage and hope for many.

Jamie is magic with a computer and is the brains behind all of the videos. He’s a film director by occupation, so you know you’re getting good quality value. He’s an avid coffee maker and a logical thinker.

Together we live, travel, eat and sleep in our van, and we are loving every minute of it.
The masses of flies who keep on trying to intrude and live with us, should just bzzzz off.

This is the first time I have had reception in days, so don’t expect many updates on here from me.
You can however follow our journey via a new weekly video released every Sunday on Youtube, or by our weekly blog released every Wednesday.

Here is last week’s video.

Stay Safe.
Much love