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No 1 Way to Capture a Girl’s Heart

Be a cute baby animal.

Not all of our Hen’s weekend was spent chopping wood, watching and cooing over animals and creeping up on Kangaroos.

We went to the beach, climbed some rocks, visited a winery or two, the cheese factory, the chocolate factory and feasted on some amazing fresh food. We watched Disney movies, got Pygmy drunk (ha ha she thought she only had one glass of wine, meanwhile Sarah kept on filling it up), talked R Rated material and then politics.

The highlight was definitely Saturday night fro aroun 11pm till 2am, when a sight never seen before occured.
Ongy and myself strangely were both wearing tight lycra pants under our jarmies, and lycra singlets under our tops.
Best friends think alike much?

So we stripped down, till we were shiny and tight and looked particularly heinous – apparently my shiny silver tights won award for worst item of clothing. All we needed now, was Pygmy in her baggier and less lycra tights, the Bride to be, and some amazingly awesome eighties music. It all started off with some dirty dancing…

“I’ve had the time of my life”

Too many leg kicks to count, too much laughing, some interesting smells.. ha ha.. some towel whipping and thankfully a pygmy who couldn’t put the flash on (YES – No one will ever see).

Oh.. and we also had a feast!

If only it was still the weekend…



Myself and the girls have certainly upgraded in luxury since we last did the Traditional Hen’s Weekend Down South. The place we had this time was HUGE! Massive plot of farm land, massive old house with fire place (our favourite), three bedrooms, two lounges and two bathrooms. MAGIC. Had enough beds for 9.. We are SO going back.

Here is where we spent out time.

Now, some of you might remember a few months ago, I was travelling across Aus with some lovely Canadians from Skate 4 Cancer. Well, the whole time they were on the road, they were looking for kangaroos, and NEVER saw one. Jamie from The New Beat, is convinced they are made up. This video of a small portion of the kangaroos which were in our yard is for them.

Campsite 3

We resided at Yardie Homestead for the remainder of the trip.
Princess informed us there would be lots of hot kite surfers staying at the camp site, and there were indeed lots of kite surfers staying there, but they were all middle aged and certainly not attractive in that sense. Disappointing.

Pocket however had an admirer. They connected over both having visited an obscure aboriginal town somewhere in the northern territory. He was in his early thirties, and poor pocket is a mere 19.
Safe to say, we made fun of her and her beau the whole trip.

It was good being in semi civilisation – it was so good to be able to have a shower again, and to be able to cook on barbeques and OH THE TOILETS!



Stay away from our camps food


Barbeque Feast


Our group drank Exmouth dry of Seeds and Stones. No Joke. Not bad for 5 girls


The Hill's Campsite


This seemed like luxury, but it really wasn’t. We made enemies with the people behind us (an old couple) one morning, but by evening we were all good again.

We got told off by the homestead owners for driving too fast (Han and Rez) but then they came and donated money to us.

We hung out with the kite surfers in the back back shed.. and I read one of the weirdest books, storywise. The amount of dodgy sex scenarios clearly displayed it was a male author who had written it.

The Hills were also at Yardie, and we spent some time with them. The kids were so cute.

Whilst at this campsite we visited the beach (so predictable), went crabbing (none were harmed or eaten – don’t worry), saw some Full Moons (the actual moon and too many bare bottoms)


Late night = Encounter with the crabs


Teaching the lil ones the way of the crab












We went for an epic day trip to Yardie Creek (at the very end of the road in the Cape Range National Park) where we were a procession of the following. 1 x kayak, 1 x inflatable boat, 5 x stand up paddle boards.


I was in the inflatable paddle boat. This thing took a lot of muscle to move, and it was very slow and hard to control. When the wind picked up I thought I might die of exhuastion.


We stopped for a picnic lunch, where we got told off, for going onto land, as it was apparently a rock wallaby's protected eating area. DARN


We were told off by a boat with a megaphone, in front of many many tourists.







A vulture circling around me. I'm a sitting target







Did lots of roo dodging (always), Hannah had her windscreen smashed in (by flying stones) and then it was just about time to head back to good ol Perth.


This time, we decided to part ways for the home trip, as one car is slow and stops a lot, and the other car likes to zoom ahead. What happened on the trips however were not so straight forward.

Are we there yet?

We are driving, we we are driving…

We are driving again, we are driving.

This is pretty much Day 1.

I had two people I’d never met before in my 1 month old Forester and were about to undertake on an epic adventure. We left Perth about 7am (already an hour behind schedule) and the plan was to drive straight to Gero where we would have a quick lunch and do some food shopping.

I was hoping to see some new friends from the cs camp there.
Let’s just say due to faffing of some people, it took more than an hour and a half for food shopping to be completed. I then had to eat lunch whilst driving.

Running after some wild goats whilst someone was taking a pee break

Running after some wild goats whilst someone was taking a pee break

We were definitely behind schedule.
In the other car, we had a member of our team with a pea sized bladder, with our procession having to stop EVERY hour for this member to pee on the side of the road (in service stations and truck stops too).

Sunset in the Middle of Nowhere

Sunset in the Middle of Nowhere

Sponsored - Heck Yes.

Sponsored - Heck Yes.

Being a poser

Being a poser


My Amazing Car

My Amazing Car

Some wierdo's I shared my life with for 2 weeks.

Some wierdo's I shared my life with for 2 weeks.

It must have been about 9pm when we eventually pulled into a service station in Carnavaron.
We were warned of the danger of cows on the road.
I bought a coffee (this is a pretty big deal, being my 4th coffee ever).
Little did I know that it was the coffee that was going to save us.

Cows were not the problem. It was the Roos. Literally hundreds of them, suicidal too.
Charging towards our cars at lightning speeds. I have never breaked so much in my entire life, and have been dubbed “Dodge” ever since then.

I managed to miss every single one of the buggers, no one knows how, although 4 actually touched my fully emergency braked car. By 11:59pm we were still some 160km away from exmouth, and it was near impossible to proceed quicker than 40km/h with the influx of yet more roos.

The only choice was to pull over and sleep on the side of the road. Wow, we’re classy broads.
17 hours on the road and we still couldn’t make our destination.

Our home on the side of the road. 6am the next morning

Our home on the side of the road. 6am the next morning

An arty shot of our "1st camp"


Honk of you think we're hot!

Honk of you think we're hot!

Crikey… it’s wildlife.

Just got back from 5 days of hiking and camping in Walpole…

It’s so good to be able to go to the toilet, without having to expose your bare backside to the possibility of becoming a tiger snake’s dinner and lunch and breakfast. Speaking of tiger snakes… I came across two. One whilst hiking through mass big bush… and the other… well that’s a tale in itself.

So kiddiwinks are walking and I am in the support vehicle and clearly have to drive a different way where there is some resemblance of tracks…. and not compact thicket and rolling sand dunes… I’m about a kilometer away from the meeting point when a huge kangaroo jumps out at me. I slam on brakes. Sadly it’s in a boggy part. I get extremely bogged. So now I’m alone, at least 50km from civilisation. No reception, and all i can see is bush…. I dig for 3 hours straight… no luck… still can’t get the bloody car out. I’m planted face first in the dirt, lying under the car trying to scrape some of the sand out, when a tiger snake slithers right past my face. I have never been so scared. Actually twice I have… but that’s for a different day. Eventually the group of hikers meet up with me and it takes us 20 min to get the car out… amid calls of :”great driving miss”:… As if I am going to hit an animal..

Camping with seedy work guy was gross. He asked me out last week. I turned him down… and blah… He’s rank as.

I got to see the most amazing beaches… with barrels all day long. I saw so many stars and the milkyway was perfectly clear. I just lay on a rock near Mandalay beach for an hour in the cold evening wind, staring up at the magnificent solar system…

My entire body is aching and groaning and yet it’s happy at having done such good work. 41 kilometres of hiking… My tent leaked last night…. my stuff got wet…. I was so glad we didn’t have to wake up at 4:30 am to start hiking and only got up at 6:30 this morning….

Back to civilisation… can’t wait to have a looooong bath.