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This time last year

I was living in this house.

It was an old house, in a nice neighbourhood that we were very lucky to secure the previous year.
It was situated on a main road, that had my doctor, my physio, a pathology lab, a shopping center, the cinemas, tennis courts, 3 parks, and about 8 different take away places, all within a 2/3 min walk.

The only down side to this house was it had no insulation. So it was freezing cold in winter (it was referred to as the freezer), and sweltering in summer.

We moved out in October of last year into our current home now, which we have bought.
I still miss this house and the mutant massive lemons growing in the back yard.

Sharing Meals

So important, and so damn impactful.

Every now and then, I go out with some year 12’s to a vegan restaurant, just to hang, live life, and eat good food.
Most of them are meat eaters, and it’s one of the few times they will eat vegan for that month.

I think that I have been given a really good opportunity to reach those who are younger than me, and speak into people’s lives, not necessarily just on Veganism, but in life in general.

To be their friend, be their tower of strength, be that guiding force and be that idiot who tells really terrible jokes.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Agents of Change

What are you looking for in life?

Isn’t this just life..

Out with the old, in with the new.

My body must have missed that memo.

My personal social network page is flooded with notifications about how grand and fabulous the new year is.
How everything is going right, and that it’s a brilliant start to what is looking to be a promising year.

How very wrong that is for me.

2007 I thought had been a bad year.
2008 I barely survived. My health suffered greatly, and at one stage I thought I might not even make it.

Here I’m thinking.. 2009 – it can only get better right?

So here I am on day 5 of this new year. I’ve left the house once. That is all I have had the energy for.
I’m still reliant on painkillers issued by my surgeon.
I’m still battling the remnants of that “undiagnosable illness” so severe, I had to see numerous surgeons.

I’m still in pain, slowly losing motivation that life for me will ever be good.

When do I get a break?

If karma existed, I should be rolling in good fortune, instead of writhing in bed.

I guess only time will tell, I’m hoping to be ok to leave the house on Wednesday.
I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t.

I’ve actually got something to look forward to.
Two things actually.

No, make that three.

Any guesses?

Is it wierd…

Getting invited to the hens night, and kitchen tea


the Engagement party??

I thought it was.

Currently listening to my new bands newest song (loving it) – just gotta write the lyrics…

Casual Observer

There was a car crash on Friday night.
I was just behind it.
At the time I didn’t think it was that serious.
3 people died, and the fourth is in intensive care fighting for her life. 
They were all 17.


How much more tragedy must this world face?
How much more disaster must rest upon our eyes and scar our souls?

I just want to be alone tonight.
But the thought of being alone scares me.

I’m afraid of what I may think.

Currently listening to Mandy Moore – Umbrella