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Marg River Pro in Pictures


Margaret River Pro

YESTERDAY was huge, with 10-12 ft waves gracing Prevelly, and Taj even scoring a wave with a 25 ft face. You heard right!
15 boards were broken, and some unluckily competitors broke both of their boards and thus getting early exits out of their heats.
You win some, you lose some.

But what would today, the finals bring??

I spent an amazing day, 3-4 hours south of Perth for the finals of the DRUG AWARE Pro…
Saw some excellent surfing, caught up with some amazing friends who I know from running my surfclub, got to fix the inflatable big WA sign a few times.
Got to help out the regional cs director, aid a grom, and take a fair few photos…
Also get in some serious ground work…

Tried out that Vegan Raw food cafe… the pancakes were so dessert like – a little too sweet for brekkie,
and the BAZINGA left me experiencing side effects from it’s intense mint/lemongrass/chilli and agave ingredients for the entirety of the day.
What a “wow” kind of drink.

Closest final ever at the MRP between Josh Kerr and local hero Taj Burrow.
Taj was leading the entire way, Josh congratulates him, then goes for a big wave cracking two massive difficult aerials and landing them both, scoring a perfect 10, then catching a smaller one and forcing out another great aerial… Stealing victory in the last minute literally with a 17.03 to Taj’s 16.5

Biggest crowd yet ever at the Marg River Pro today at 7000.

Mad shout outs to Ben and the CS team for picking up rubbish, cleaning toilets, setting up stages, getting the pro surfers drinks, being a positive impact and just pure being amazing etc etc.. I love you all.