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I couldn’t pick just one..

heh heh heh

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

The core ones who have been my Australian family. Love you!


Skate 4 Cancer Aus

So I’m currently one of a three man team, also consisting of Mr Rob Dyer (Founder of Skate 4 Cancer) and Mr Jamie McMahon (Founder of a New Beat) and we are the Skate 4 Cancer team making the trek from Melbourne to Adelaide.

I flew into Melbourne around about 1am on Friday and Borgs luckily picked me up and drove me to meet up with my family for the next few weeks. By 11am we were well on our way towards retrieving my lost sleeping bag, before continuing to Shepparton which is where Rob was to proceed skating.

Basically what Skate 4 Cancer does is skateboard across countries, raising awareness about cancer.
The Cure is Knowledge.

Skating around an average of about 40km (due to heat/flies/lack of shoulders on the roads and heavy traffic), we are plodding along nicely and steadily.

We all have our little roles on the trip.
My main one is driving the van aka our home – which amazingly was donated by Element Skateboards. Minor roles include being able to know the location and find any given object at any time, making cd playlists, and improving the suitability of the van against the onslaught of THE OUTBACK. Everything DIY from mozzie netting all major doorways as well as creating more storage space.

Rob’s is to skate, to motivate kids around the world, and to be the symbol of courage and hope for many.

Jamie is magic with a computer and is the brains behind all of the videos. He’s a film director by occupation, so you know you’re getting good quality value. He’s an avid coffee maker and a logical thinker.

Together we live, travel, eat and sleep in our van, and we are loving every minute of it.
The masses of flies who keep on trying to intrude and live with us, should just bzzzz off.

This is the first time I have had reception in days, so don’t expect many updates on here from me.
You can however follow our journey via a new weekly video released every Sunday on Youtube, or by our weekly blog released every Wednesday.

Here is last week’s video.

Stay Safe.
Much love


Road trip

So I write this from my mobile, at my last day of work.
I’m currently head first aid at bickley outdoor adventure camp and have had my work cut out for me.
It’s been good though. Straight after this I head off to the airport to catch a flight to Melbourne where my next adventure begins.

This morning I took my last shower for what will probably be the next two and a half weeks and you’ll see why.

Just after midnight tonight, I’ll be meeting up with the skate 4 cancer team, headed up by rob dyer and we’ll be doing the next leg of their “across australia” skate.

Our destination is Adelaide and it should take us about 2 weeks to complete.
Weather wise I’m not sure what to expect as I have been spoilt with warm Perth weather since October last year (the only Exception being “the great storm”), but I imagine it’s going bbbbb to be colder and wetter than what I have been accustomed to.

My last holiday was spent surfing spots along this route, so it’s going to be good going back a mere 2 months later.
To keep updated on our adventures you can view the weekly videos posted on you tube (search for skate 4 cancer) or the official skate 4 cancer blog.


To those special two…

In January my best girlfriend and my best guyfriend finally got to meet and (luckily) hit it off. YAY!

This song is dedicated to them both. They know who they are.
I love you!

The sad news is, that my best girlfriend leaves to go to India for three months next week.
She’s amazing and is going to work in orphanages.
Whatever am I going to do?

Miss her like absolutely crazy… And I predict more phone calls interstate to keep me sane.

Next Weekend.

One of the bands gave me the hot tip that this show was going to happen a while back, so I nervously booked some flights, before the show had even been announced.

It was, and here I am – excited to catch up with some friends and eat good food and watch some good bands.

Hopefully see you there.

Some slr shots

Taken between Melbourne city and the Twelve Apostles, and places in between such as Apollo Bay, Lorne, Torquay and more..

For more photos check out my facebook 🙂

No updates for a while

Heading to Great Ocean Road (Victoria) on a surfing trip/beach holiday with my bestie.