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Not the surf trip I wanted

I wrote this below in the notes app on my phone as it was all happening.
The scenario. A bunch of us were going down and all staying in one big house in Gracetown to go surfing all weekend. I was going to be arriving on Friday night by myself.

Can’t find the house for an hour. Walking up and down a road in the middle of nowhere in the cold in pitch black with only the faint light on my phone trying to find the house I’m supposed to be staying in.
Contemplate sleeping in my car
Contemplate turning around and driving the 3.5 hours back home.
There’s no reception so I can’t even call for directions. I’m about to go home when I spot the house I’m supposed to be staying in. A house has never looked so warm.

Find out that the guy who was supposed to be courting me  not only has been ignoring me, but in that time he’d gotten himself a girlfriend and hadn’t told me.
He still hasn’t told me. It took them one accidental walk in the park for them to date.
He strung me along for over a year. But apparently has “communication” problems where he can’t convey his feelings. So how did he manage so well with her?
I feel angry, upset and betrayed.
My faith in men has been significantly destroyed.
Then this morning some more Surfers arrive. Two guys I had never met. The group got split and I wound up walking to the beach with one of the guys in his late thirties.. He took me the longest way possible to the surf spot up a huge hill and it sucked so hard, especially carrying a surf board the whole time. I’ve now known this guy an hour and a half and he’s asking me out. What the?
Apparently I’m the nicest person he’s met in very long time. He’s recently divorced, very overweight, a bit creepy and with a baby..
I turned him down nicely of course.
Then we get to the spot and there are so many rocks and the waves are big. Too big for me and my surf board. He reckons I can hack it.
Out we go. I tell him I know my own ability and it’s a dangerous spot in general. He laughs at me, says I am over reacting, reconfirms that he’s a surf instructor and will look out for me and to stop being silly.
Some nasty sets come in, catch us offguard.
I was right. This is bad!
I attempt to miss his flying board and try and dive under the wave and avoid the rocks. I feel shooting pain in my foot. There’s blood everywhere.
My foots been sliced by the fins of one of his board.
I signal to go in.. So many rocks. My foot is completely out of action. Did I mention we watched shark week last night?
He yells at me to try and walk it in. I can’t stand on my foot.
I try and ride in as much as I can and weave in between the rocks.
I get pretty far but then there’s too many.
I have to walk it in now.
I can’t stand on my injured foot and the next set wipes me off my foot.
I’m like a rag doll on those rocks. I must have hit at least 30 of them with all parts of my body.
I try to protect my face and succeed. It takes me about fifteen minutes to get back onto the shore.
I’m bleeding from both legs and both hands are sliced open more than 5 times each. More blood.
Now for the fun walk back.

So now ive bailed on the all the men.
I just drove 40 km to a vegan hippie organic cafe and I’m sitting here alone listening to reggae and eating the most amazing lentil and portobello burger.

At least there’s one positive to my weekend so far

Oh and i can say

I’ve surfed Thunder Bay and I’ve got the battle scars to prove it.



Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

You know what, before I actually knew about what today’s question/task was, I actually performed it one day in advance.
Not because I had to because of a quiz, but because I needed to… for me.

Yesterday I posted off a handwritten two page letter to someone who has hurt and disappointed me.
For more than a year, I had my heart invested into this person and in the end of it all, it was such a waste because of the way I was finally treated.

I just got his reply back today.
He’s very apologetic.

Letter well received then.

I called it..

Yep… Guess who is chickening out… or maybe I should say, holding out…
I’m just not having total peace about it all.

I have 4 weeks to completely decide when he flies back into Perth.
I’m hating everything about this.


It just hit me, that without realizing it, or conscientiously pursuing it, I might be changing my status from single to seeing someone in the near future….. that is… if I don’t chicken out!

How the hell did that happen?

How is it that I am always the last to know?

Will this be the end of my singleness streak?

Only time will tell I guess…..



were amazing last night.

I’ve really missed our skype chats.

Thank you for everything, being so easy to talk to, and for being you.

I love that you understand just what it’s like, because you’re going through it too.

At first sight

It’s weird you know.. attraction…
You see it in the movies, someone walks in, another spots them and instantly falls in love.

Yeah right, like that actually happens in real life.

Well.. I have a bit of a confession to make.

Earlier this year, I saw someone. I didn’t know his name, age, occupation, personality, anything really.
But wow! I felt myself instantly attracted to this man.
He hadn’t seen me, and didn’t even know of my existence.


Then one night, he spotted me from across the room. I hadn’t noticed, but my friend did. Apparently he was looking over in my direction for a good half hour. That was before my friend and I had left, me still completely oblivious. We were going to the local pub, and within ten minutes of us getting there, who should walk in, but him and his mates.
Within minutes he had made interaction, and you know what, his personality was amazing.
Turns out he was foreign, with an accent, and we had very similar tastes in pretty much everything we talked about.

Insane. At the end of the night, he needed a ride home, and we felt so at ease with one another, that it wasn’t long before we were belting out car karaoke, as if we’d known each other for years. He even liked the same music as me.

It wasn’t long before we were “dating”, but it was short lived. A family member of his was dying from cancer, and he had to return home, on the other side of the world. We still keep in contact. He still makes me laugh, and is so easy to talk to, and is still amazing.
The only time I get to see him these days, is watching him on foxtel, because his occupation is a Professional Sportsman, and he represents his country and is amazing at it.

Tough Times. At least I get to regularly boast about the warm weather that we are having here, whilst he’s freezing his ass off, currently in Europe. heh heh…

But what terrible luck!