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Pinch and a Punch

Gosh it’s July already…

The mornings are freezing… at a lovely 1 degree. Training at night until sometimes 9:30pm is getting cold. It’s worse when it rains.

I have two night matches this weekend. 8:30 on sat, and 7 on sun – there goes my weekend… so tomorrow night is going to be the big one..

Found an old skate deck in my garage from the time I did the Extortion Australia Tour back in Jan 08 i think..
Deliberating whether to put wheels on, or sand it up, and paint the crap out of it..

I think perhaps paint it. Saw Callum’s video and it’s inspired me to do more art, plus my Mindsnare Deck could do with some company on the wall.

In other news, an established band has asked me to be a part of their band. They are definitely no where near as heavy as the last band I was in, but I really like their style, and they definitely have the potential to crack the market effectively. The only problem is, the amount of touring that they would have planned.

I’m just not sure I can commit to that amount of time being on the road, especially with the careers I have at the moment. Ah, the decisions.


Next Weekend.

One of the bands gave me the hot tip that this show was going to happen a while back, so I nervously booked some flights, before the show had even been announced.

It was, and here I am – excited to catch up with some friends and eat good food and watch some good bands.

Hopefully see you there.


I’ve really been anti-social lately. Not rude or anything, but just having a lack of desire to go out, and attend all the multiple events, that this time of the year always seems to bring.

I contribute it to finding out about my results, and trying to look after myself a lot more. As long as I can remember, I have always been busy – whether it’s playing sport, making music, doing things for friends, working to support myself and others or getting through uni.

Lately I’ve been favouring staying at home watching movies, or going for walks and bike rides over going to big parties and having super late nights. I know some people are disappointed that I’m not showing my face, but I don’t want to burn out again. I’m on holidays now, and the timing really couldn’t be better. I’m going to milk them for as much as I can and just do the things I love, and only spend time with those who I value.

Seeing mom again, after a long hard year, is going to rule so hard. 2008 really has been tough – 2009 can only be better.

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