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Pleasant surprise..

Hello bank balance..



You know you’ve moved into a rich neighbourhood, when you drive past the park and see kids playing golf, rather than with a footie.

You also spot a boat on the front lawn of at least one house on every road in the neighbourhood.
Ha Ha.

Then there is my brother and me.
Clearly not super rich hey.

Go Vegan for 30 Days…

I urge my friends who are residents of Victoria, to please consider this.

I mean, seriously, what do you have to lose?

Super Money

Some sketches a friend, Joshua Jordan Noordijk did on some money.




Wowee Zowee

So I checked my bank balance today.

Picture 19
This is one account of three. So keen to go on a spending spree about now. It’s not going to happen!

Not Another One…

Wow… this time I really did it.

The brother couldn’t do his tax and left it for the last moment, so on the 31st October I get an sms from him asking me to do it for him. It was late, I was tired and plowed through it pretty quick.
He hadn’t left me his bank account details for the direct deposit so I was forced to go onto my internet banking and read off his details from my transfer contacts.

Today he gets in the post a notification from the tax office saying that they have deposited his money into *************** bank account. He checks his bank balance and sees no money. He checks the bank account number and realises it isn’t his.

I checked my bank account numbers to that where the money had been deposited and none of them matched. So pretty much his money got deposited into an account of someone we didn’t know by mistake.

I checked my internet banking contacts and realised that in my tiredness I had read off a different contact’s details and typed them in. So pretty much his money went to someone who I had made a purchase from, on ebay about 4 years ago.

Luckily this person lives in the same city as us, and although I have never met this person, we have mutual friends, so about 2 hours later I had managed to get her number, chat to her about the situation and get my brother’s tax money back.


I’m over doing his tax for good now. Too much hassle.

The Irony

As much as I hate the fact that my brother is still unemployed, and never has any money – and that I quite often end up finalising the bill, parts of me are loving it.

Since he has little to no money – he doesn’t go grocery shopping.
I do. This means, my meat eating sibling has been eating a lot of my vegan home cooked meals for some time now. It’s great. The best part is, he is enjoying the food and not complaining about the “fake meats” that I serve him. He was even drinking a soy milk based hot drink I made the other night – a huge feat for a dairy milk addict.

 I highly doubt it will last when he finally gets a job though, one can wish.

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