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I have this.

Apparently I’ve been suffering from this for a decade now, ever since I got thrown over a cliff by a horse on family holidays in the Drakensberg Mountains.
My snowboarding injury in Japan a few weeks ago has made my condition severely worse.

I’m getting an MRI tomorrow – slightly petrified as I am claustrophobic, to ensure nothing is broken and that nothing more is damaged.
Looks like my treatment will be the invasive injections filled with cortisone for 12 – 18months.


Campsite 2.

We then proceeded round the tip of the peninsula and headed west, about an hours drive away. We would now be camping at the National Park up there.

The deal to secure a campsite, is one needs to line up really really early. They allocate vacant campsites on a first come serve basis.

HOWEVER we sweet talked the DEC guys and managed to secure.. wait for it…. THE RANGERS RESIDENCE.



We were now authorised to go down little roads that said – No entry, Authorised vehicles only. Go Us.

Not knowing what to expect we ventured along this long neverending road, in search of this certain tiny tree we had to look out for, to let us know that our special driveway was coming up. Hardly obvious, we somehow managed to find it.


Our campsite was more than what we expected. It was a two room shed, with water that we couldn’t use, and lights which were without a generator. We did however have our very own long drop – complete with instructions on how to use it. I know right?



Temporary Home

It was 100m from the beach, but to get there, you had to walk up this hill riddled with snake tracks. So unbelievably scary. I counted at least 7 different specimens of snake trails. Some of them were HUGE.


We stayed here 3 nights I think. We were miles away from anyone. We were alone.
We were women of the bush. We were not able to shower and unfortunately on our second day at this camp site, we all got completely burnt. No shade is a killer.




View of the lighthouse from the beach



So Walkabout, Pocket and myself decided to venture off for a day on our own. We wanted to explore. We wanted to venture.. Walkabout wanted to walk.

We drove to this completely other part of this national park where we were told there was a trail that went up through the mountain range and you could look down into the canyon.


My car decided to take a trip of our own

Sadly when we got there, there was a sign that said DANGER, do not cross – dangerous track ahead, loose stone and rocks.

So we did what most idiots would do, and ventured forward. The trail was dangerous and very difficult. We treked for quite sometime until we realised it was only getting worse, and this was pretty much suicidal. So gutted.


About to embark.





So we started turning back. Meanwhile two other vehicles had arrived, and they all watched us climb over the fence which we were prohibited to cross, and had to face the smart alecks remarks about how crazy we were.

On the drive home, I spotted a sign that said “Pebble Beach”. Thought it sounded really cute and reminded me of MarioKart, so down we headed. Turns out it was a beach you could 4wd on. YES! My first chance to let it rip in my new car. I was so excited I didn’t bother letting the tyres down. You do the maths.

We finally got bogged, right in front of a group of locals having beers on the beach.
It’s okay, cos we got it unstuck within a few minutes, from my awesome support crew and my excellent driving skills.


Pebble Beach



It was a beautiful ride and the sun was setting, and Pocket filmed the views as we drove along the coast line. I have yet to obtain the video!


Shaz and Steph





Well there was a massive amount of pebbles on the beach, which prompted all of us to try our hand at skimming. Even though I’m pretty crap, I was somehow the best, with 5 skips.



Back to the campsite we headed, for a quality kitchen experience.


Dinner cooking!


Our kitchen.