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CSWA Girls Fundraiser

I got asked to do the graphics for this event.

It’s a movie screening night.

You’re more than welcome to attend. Let me know what you think about the job I did!


Toy Story

So I went to see this with a guy I’ve recently started hanging out with more.
He claims he didn’t want to seem like a pedophile going by himself.. Each to their own.

I loved it.
That week, I ran an auction at work, and needed paper money.

Hello custom Toy Story money I made for it. The kids loved it.

Two Way Theory

I guess it was good for my ego that whilst walking to the video store tonight by myself, with wet hair, no makeup (just had a shower) and just in jeans and a singlet, I managed to have a car with two guys in it pull over and try and convince me to go out with them tonight.

On the other hand, what kind of guys do that anyways???


I’d rather have a night in by myself with my pile of ten movies.

Currently listening to box car racer

The Living Dead

I like zombies and vampires.

Good Read.

Last term had an hour long discussion with a group of 17 year olds about if zombies invaded our school, what would happen, who would do what, what would we defend outselves with, and who would survive.

Hurrah for being voted as one of the only two teachers who would survive the attack. Overall only 6 people would make it. Ha.

These kinda movies I really enjoy. Last week, I watched a movie I could safely say as one of the worst of any genre I have ever watched. Avoid this like the plague.

The very minor highlight.. It starred Coolio

Except he was shit and didn’t look scary at all.

That reminds me, I heard a sermon the other week, comparing christianity to vampirism.
Wow. It certainly was the most interesting thing I have heard in a very long time.
Vampires needing human blood to life.
Jesus telling people to live off his blood.

The crucifix being significant in both.

The idea of living forever once you’re dead.

Some strange points.

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