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24th October – 31st October

Say YES to say NO

Join the fight against child prostitution and trafficking. Want to know how? It’s as easy as saying YES.
During that week, a group of young adults will be saying yes to a range of dares, in order to raise money for HAGAR International

Kate Miller Hiedke said “YES”, how about you?

This is the brainchild of my dear friend Joel Parke


Love Everyday

This year, whilst being involved in the Skate 4 Cancer skate across Australia tour, I met the very amazing Mike Mendes.

He really hardly ever sleeps, although when I first arrived to meet my new van mates, Mike was in fact asleep. It was a rare occassion indeed.

Love Everyday is a not for profit organisation which Mendes established two years ago.
‘Love Everyday’ aims to increase awareness about poverty and under privileged people in our communities

He does this through non-profit art workshops as well as educational talks & discussions for schools and youth groups.
All the money made through Love Everyday goes right to the people on the streets of the city that they are currently located for purchasing things like clothing, blankets & food.

“I can’t sleep so I draw, paint, tattoo and wander the planet instead. Love everyday ” Mike Mendes

Check out his facebook page here